NIB on the verge of collapse with new management!

Live photos outside the National Insurance Board’s head office on Baillou Hill Road.

Nassau – NHI is on the verge of collapse? The 15 Million Dollar New System introduced by the FNM has threatened the operation of the BOARD! The V3 System brought into the Board by the FNM is now on the verge of collapse.

Meanwhile, we are learning that the new board is not functional and some members are incompetent and are baptised as ignoramuses.

“The place is in chaos and we need leadership at the Board. We are in trouble where systems which took only three days to pay are now taking weeks to pay,” A source said.

BP is calling on the Minnis Government to address urgently these matters before old age pensioners cannot collect their funds.

Meanwhile we are learning another robbery has occurred at NIB Rocks South Eleuthera where bandits ransacked the place over the weekend. NIB needs URGENT NATIONAL ATTENTION!

We report yinner decide!