NIB really lacks an capable IT Manager on V3 system – Brensil Rolle lied to the press!

Minister Brensil Rolle

NASSAU| Minister for National Insurance Brensil Rolle told a boldfaced lie in front of the doors of Parliament and members of the WUTLESS MEDIA failed to do their research.

Rolle told reporters outside Parliament that steps to correct a failing V3 System are being taken. He also told reporters that the PLP government introduced the V3 System. But this is a boldfaced lie and we invite media personalities to follow the history of the system and they would learn that it was first engaged and acquired under the Hubert Ingraham Regime with Algernon Cargill in the seat as Director of the National Insurance Board.

And here is the sequence of events, which is factual, about V3 System, now a problem at NIB

1)   Contract was signed by the then NIB Director Algernon Cargill under the Ingraham Administration.  

2)   Then, as a changeover with the system came, the Free National Movement Government fired the chief architect, Raymond Wells, right after a major rollout and expected the project to go right?   V3 was a major rollout and the FNM decided to bring in a mediocre IT leadership team under (June Collie).  The work of troubleshooting glitches was way out her area of expertise, in our opinion.

3)   Additionally, the present head of IT at NIB cannot – after two years on the system – stabilize the programme to the benefit of NIB customers. WHY? A LACK OF TRAINING AND KNOWLEDGE OF HOW IT WORKS!

Bahamas Press invites Brensil Rolle to tell the truth for once. He fired the former IT Head amidst a rollout. NIB needs a functional system to carry out its processes for its clients! It needs competent leadership and change. Even BP cannot pay our contributions without glitches. WHAT IS THIS?!

Minister Brensil Rolle, please tell the truth and, to members of the press, next time ya do an interview DO YINNER DAMN RESEARCH!

Staff is not concerned about any V3 System! They are seriously concerned about their increases! Stop deflecting from the real issues at NIB!

We report yinner decide!