Another Judge victimised as justice stalls for Bahamians!

Justice Andrew Forbes and Dame Marguerite.

NASSAU| It has been brought to our attention that, as of June, Andrew Forbes, Acting Justice, will be placed back in Magistrates Court.

Carl “Clueless” Bethel, without reason, has sought to destablize all of the judiciary since his attempt to become Chief Justice failed miserably.

Justice Forbes has shown himself to be one of the most competent Criminal Judges who is on the bench presently and is seen to be politically attacked by Carl Bethel for no apparent reason.

There is already a backlog of criminal cases and fellow Supreme Court Justices, we understand, are confused by the silly actions of this FNM government in this development.

We implore Acting Justice Forbes to remain steadfast and immoveable. 2022 is right around the corner.

We report yinner decide!