Off-Duty Police Officer shot and killed aka “CRIME BOSS” this morning…


Man shot five times to death in another who could have been headed to work 4am this morning! WHAT IS THIS? HOMICIDE #35!

Crime Boss becomes the 35th homicide victim and the 4th person to die on the streets for the week!

NASSAU| Bahamas Press has identified that fatal shooting victim in the Fox Hill community this morning only by his street name as “Crime Boss”.

Police and residents in the area and afraid to give us more details other than to say, “He lived up to his name”.

Now police claim “Crime Boss” was heard outside an apartment around 4am this morning when an off-duty reserve officer observed him seeking to break into a vehicle. That reservist shot “Crime Boss” dead following multiple rounds on him. He died in hospital.

We have heard nothing more on the incident other than that police are investigating.

The victim is from the Fox Hill community.

We report yinner decide!