No sign of Convention for the PLP or the FNM – Do DNA have conventions?


Does anyone know the year the FNM was formed? BP don’t know and neither does the Party….

Conventions on hold – Christie believes this is no time for celebration while country moves out of crisis!

NASSAU, Bahamas — Members of the Progressive Liberal Party have decided to cancel the 60th National Convention, which was set for November this year, after serious and dangerous turbulence began to emerge.

Some believe The Party’s no-nonsense Chairman, Big Bad Brad, was set to throw in the towel, and it is believed both Christie and his trusted Viceroy do not want Cannonballs Roberts to leave just yet.

Sources tell us Christie wants no turbulence on his SS PLP ship and with the state of the country in a sweltering heat of crime, coupled with a broken economy left by the former Administration, sources tell us the NEW SHERIFF wants all teams to focus on priority number one which is to set the Bahamas back in the right direction of growth, job creation and peace on the streets.

The PLP was given birth when three Long Islanders came together and formed the first ever political organization in 1953. The socialist centre-left party today is in government as the PLP turns 60-years-old.

And while the PLP has placed its conclave on hold for now, so has the FNM.

Sources deep within the Party tell us the FNM has also cancelled its 2013 conclave as the Party leadership plots in realigning the organization. Many forget after Hubert Ingraham abandoned the FNM on the night of its defeat at the polls, he also left not only no successor in place, but left the organization with bills in the millions.

“Ingraham left us in chaos, absolute chaos. He left our party at the lowest ratings ever in popularity with the Bahamian people and in the time of our greatest need, he abandoned us. Therefore, I agree with the new leadership to hold off our convention so we can recoup ourselves, rebuild our engines and, with a resurrection, come back to restore the good name of the FNM,” one Grand Bahama council member told BP.

Meanwhile we are told FNM Deputy Chairman Dr. Duane Sands, who has leadership ambitions, is plotting to take out Daron Cash as the next Chairman of the Party. Sands, we are told, hated the fact that Cash was backed by the new Maximum Leader of the FNM.

Sands therefore, feels that if he can unseat Cash, he would then have his way in the branches to go for the top job. One FNM described it this way, “The heart surgeon is heartless, but if he does not want to be spayed, nutered, or have a sex change, the last person in the FNM he should want to challenge is Dr. Minnis ’cause I assure you if Minnis unleashes his vitriol on him, Sands would be having a bisection and the stripping of his “political manhood” would be a joke.

Meanwhile, Lying Laing is banking on getting Loretta ‘da slapper’ Butler-Turner to challenge Dr. Minnis at the next convention. Our FNM commentator noted: “All I ga say is this: ‘Peter Street’. A word to the wise is sufficient.”

Lying Laing resigned from the Senate as he shared he had no time to deal with the People’s Business. He, too, abandoned the FNM in its time of greatest need.

As for the DNA? Well, they don’t have conventions – they have private meetings where elections go down and the members are not aware. Now if they could do that to the members of the DNA, running a government in secret and under a dark veil would be a joke.