NPCC suspends Church until the end of the month! Wonder if we still have to pay tithes?


Church dem losing faith on Jesus over COVID 19 [Coronavirus]

NASSAU| The Chinese President described COVID 19 [coronavirus] as the great satan after it forced millions to be in lockdown for months.

Right now as the lockdown sweeps the world, with America blocking flights and other countries locking out America, truly we can all agree that the world is not the same.

Meanwhile, Wall Street, the rich and powerful who own the economies of the world, is screaming for bailouts [money supported by taxpayers to keep their businesses afloat] while the poor cannot afford tests for the Coronavirus. What is this? We believe it is all a scam!

Just today in Nassau, The New Providence Community Church [NCCP] announced the suspension of church services. This is a first in the Bahamas.

Both Catholic and Anglican denominations have suspended the sharing of the Blood Of Christ, through which salvation is accepted to be spiritual food, and faith is being lost. Well, what is this?

Meanwhile, the desperate are in the food stores fighting over water and toilet tissue like that could save them if the corona hits hard. These people are only trying to give yinner a new vaccine and bailout the wealthy – OPEN YOUR EYES!

Anyway, as this wave of crisis and panic reaches our shores in the Bahamas, let us remain as Christians: prayerful and watchful knowing that GOD IS IN CHARGE of all these things! We know this! And He shall deliver us safe no matter how dark it looks as the faith of many becomes dim!

We report yinner decide!