Peter Nygard Launches Major Campaign Blitz on his investment at Clifton


Peter Nygard

Nassau, Bahamas — Fashion Mogul Peter Nygard has come out hard against his neighbour Louis Bacon on Cable TV after rolling out a major ad campaign highlighting his work at Clifton and his efforts to protect the environment in the area.

This morning in channels across the Cable Bahamas Network, Nygard announced his commitment to protecting the environment, including a $250,000 investment for reef protection in the area.
In doing so the advertorial explained how Peter Nygard has launched the Catilan Project, which will scan the great barrier reefs in the area to better record the changes in reefs and in the marine ecology at Clifton.
Mr. Nygard has also begun a volunteer nonprofit company established by concerned individuals and corporate citizens just for the purpose of reef and ocean conservation. Its primary goal is to install mooring buoys around New Providence in order to protect the coral from anchor damage.
In addition to this, Peter Nygard has begun a massive clean up and restoration exercise along the Jaws Beach community for the enjoyment of thousands of Bahamians who frequent the area. The Beach had suffered much neglect and destruction, and is where some unconcerned person destroyed the sail away dock and deposited tons of sand, blocking use of the ramp in the area.
Peter Nygard led a massive cleanup, after which thousands of Bahamians flocked to the scene to celebrate the improvements.

Since that restoration of the Jaws Beach, Louis Bacon, who perhaps seeks to control Clifton and block Bahamians access to the area, has filed a Judicial Review in the Supreme Court seeking to block and stop the restoration of the dock and fight Bahamians via their access to the area.

Also named in that action filed through the Bacon’s Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay are current Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie, Philip Brave Davis and other Cabinet Colleagues.
Back in 2006 Louis Bacon constructed a smuggler-like boat basin in the back of his Point House residence, dredging deep into the Clifton Bay without any permit or proper government approval, yet, he seeks to argue over what he regards as infractions in the area.
Louis Bacon and his makeshift Protect Clifton Bay Coalition with operatives from the BNT should be looking in the mirror when they discuss violations in the Clifton Bay area.
Peter Nygard is doing! Louis Bacon is talking and threatening.


  1. While Smith and members of the Bahamas National Trust are concerned with Louis Bacon’s neigbour, they are mute about the dredging by Louis Bacon in 2006 in the area without a government permit.

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