Officer accused of rape by American woman…


Embassy warning a few weeks ago is now being backed with a RAPE ALLEGATION against a young police officer…

US Embassy on Queen’s Street.

Nassau – Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press confirms a police officer on the Royal Bahamas Police Force is in deep trouble.

Tonight, allegations have been reported to the United States Embassy in Nassau and filed with police that a female guest has lodged a complaint of rape.

According to that report, it says that the young police officer is accused of having had sexual intercourse with the American guest. Rather than following the protocols and procedures by reporting her after being found with suspected drugs, the unthinkable is alleged to have occurred.

The victim, we understand, after the alleged sexual encounter occurred, went to the US Embassy and reported the matter. BP understands the officer will be charged sometime this week and is now being questioned.

What in da hell is dis?

Just a few weeks ago the Embassy issued a travel advisory on the Bahamas, warning U.S. citizens to avoid hotspots in the capital.

We report yinner decide!