Oil Gusher ‘Vinnie da pooh’ lied to the Bahamian People?


Vincent Vanderpool Wallace

Nassau, Bahamas — BP is calling for a public flogging of all the officials involved in the silly dredging of Nassau Harbour for one ship.

BP now understands that after $47 million was spent, that ship may not call to the port of Nassau by the end of next month. The Oil Gusher, Vincent ‘Vanderpooh’ Wallace and the entire Cabinet of the Bahamas are a bunch of SHAMELESS MEN and WOMEN!

They have no shame. They said passengers calling to the port would payback the $47 Million in 3- 5 years from the taxes.

We always this was not about the cruise ship, but about Brent Symonette and the 19 wealthy families who will own the Port at Arawak Cay.

We again call on the public to demand accountability and transparency because it was ‘A MATTER OF TRUST’ THAT WE VOTED FOR THESE IMBECILES. Again, we call for a PUBLIC FLOGGING!


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  1. I blame this on all the ppl that told me that this was totally necessary and I was just trying 2 keep the Bahamas back when I had suggested that only as far as Arawak CAy b dreadged and the whole area developed 4 the toursit arriving on the new vessel. It would have been good 2 have the area developed with a welcome centre.

  2. First off, this isn’t so much news, as an opinion piece, and a ranting, raving, vicious, and misguided piece at that.

    The new cruise ships just plain won’t fit in the harbour if it hadn’t been dredged. Sure, people are going to benefit from the increased land area on Arawak Cay, but we will in turn benefit from the increased arrivals (or at least, not reduced arrivals!) and gain a higher quality tourism product when the container port moves from downtown to Arawak Cay. Have you taken a look at the old KS Moses building? If it is any indication of what is to come from those wealthy families, then I’m all for it.

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