Old Bahama Bay Bahamahost Graduates


OLD BAHAMA BAY’S BAHAMAHOST GRADUATES: Several employees of Old Bahama Bay by Ginn sur Mer were included amongst Grand Bahama Island’s recent Bahamahost graduates. Seated (left to right) are: Judith Saunders; Donald Glass, VP of Human Resources, Old Bahama Bay; Neko Grant, Minister of Tourism & Aviation; and Pauline Wells, Bahamahost instructor and Ministry of Tourism executive.  Standing (left to right) are: Chantel Laing; Mary Deal; Kristen Lewis; Josette Wilchcombe; Niamarley Stuart; Patrice Strachan; Prescola Basden; Hillary Prosper; and Deidre Rahming. (Photo courtesy of Derek Carroll Photography)

WEST END, Grand Bahama –   Seventeen employees of Old Bahama Bay by Ginn sur Mer were among the 194 residents of Grand Bahama Island who successfully completed the recent Bahamahost program organized by the Ministry of Tourism.

Bob Van Bergen congratulated the group on their significant achievement.  “We are extremely proud of their earnest efforts throughout the intensive six-week course and would like to encourage all of them to continue to use the training received for personal and professional development,” said Van Bergen, who is the Vice President and General Manager of Old Bahama Bay.  “In this way they will grow as individuals and Old Bahama Bay and the industry as a whole will reap the benefits through a higher level of service offered to guests.”

Successful candidates from Old Bahama Bay included: Helen Baptiste, Food & Beverage; Prescola Basden, Food & Beverage; Kenneth Christie, Guest Activities; Mary Deal, Food & Beverage; Pearlita Grant, Food & Beverage; Yolande Joseph, Food & Beverage; Chantel Laing, Accounts; Kristen Lewis, Front Office; Enid Nixon, Housekeeping; Hillary Prosper, Food & Beverage; Deidre Rahming, Marketing; Judith Saunders, Engineering; Pearlene Sears, Housekeeping; Patrice Strachan, Housekeeping; Niamarley Stuart, Food & Beverage; Vanessa Ward, Food & Beverage; and Josette Wilchcombe, Front Office.

Judith Saunders also received the special Minister of Tourism’s award as the most outstanding graduate among the Old Bahama Bay group.