Woman confirmed dead on Munnings Road – she crashed into blocks placed in the road by the government….


Garvinisha Anastasia Carey an RBC employee is the victim in that Munnings Road accident!

RBC employee dies in closed Munnings Road this morning. Minnis Government failed her!

Nassau – Bahamas Press is now repoeting that police were this morning on the scene of another traffic fatality at Munnings Drive off Gladstone Road corridor. A female is confirmed dead.

BP can confirm the victim to be Garvinisha Anastasia Carey an RBC employee who was headed to work at the time of the incident. This is the 10th major accident to have occurred since the road was ordered closed by the Minnis Government.

And with it being closed we can tell you that the road has no lights, no hazzard signs, no warning reflectors! Nothing!

This is the first death due to the lack of proper notices to the public. WHAT NEXT!