Omar “Criminal” Archer sacked from Works and picked up like garbage by Immigration following a viral audio on Social Media!


Minister of Works Desmond Bannister confirms his support for the work of decent Director of Works Melanie Roach

NASSAU| Minister of Public Works has relieved Omar Archer of all his duties as the Registrar for Contractors at the Ministry as he defended Director of Works from scurrilous, violent attacks from criminal Archer.

Desmond Bannister wrote: “The Director of Public Works [Melanie Roach] has my fullest confidence.

“She brings an exceptional level of integrity to the Ministry; has the highest degree of respect from myself and from her professional colleagues; and is a workaholic, who has carried a tremendous burden of modernizing our outdated roads and infrastructure throughout the country. It is an honour for me to work with her.”

Criminal Archer’s commentary went viral on social media last evening as he called for the firing of Roach, who has served this country as a decent, polite, respected and honest professional for decades in both private and public sectors.

But again, this is a criminal government that supports the behavior of rogues, thrashing the very existence and foundations of our country! They seek to remove the undergirded principles, which are guided by the conventions and rules that protect our democracy! Minnis Regime behaves lawlessly and is supported by a network of rogues! WE NEED CHANGE!

Anyway, from our sources deep within the Government, as “Criminal” Archer was kicked out of Works, he has been collected like trash and is said to be reporting to the Department of Immigration. Here we go again!

We report yinner decide!