BAMSI caught paying a company registered to a BAMSI Officer… WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS? A BAMSI created within BAMSI?


BAMSI SYSTEMS WIPED CLEAN and payments are paid to Senior Officer…MASSIVE STEALING EXPOSED!!!!

ANDROS| Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press now confirms the Royal Bahamas Police Force has a reason to open a criminal investigation into the operations of BAMSI.

Now, we will make this report short and sweet as documents confirm a senior officer inside BAMSI must answer questions surrounding items sold to a local grocer on Grand Bahama Island.

We can tell you the senior officer within the department moved and packaged items from BAMSI’s local operations and shipped the goods into Grand Bahama for sale. However, we can confirm multiple items shipped were then resold to a local grocer on the island of Grand Bahama and cheques were made payable to the high-ranking officer within the BAMSI operations. Now this is serious.

We are learning while some of the items were shipped out via the account of a local supplier at BAMSI cheque requests were made to be paid to the Senior BAMSI Officer [See paperwork attached].

Documents shown to BP proves that more than $10,000 in goods were sold by the local officer and payments made for the items to the BAMSI employee.

BP has identified the name of the registered market farmer, which is registered out of Nicholls Town Andros. The business, according to our investigation, is traced to the officer. In one invoice of service, which was erased from the system, shows some $3,474.42 for goods from the farm and made payable to the BAMSI officer.

Bahamas Press is calling on the Minnis Administration to immediately undertake an audit into BAMSI and seek out who this rogue officer is who has created a BAMSI within BAMSI. THIS IS SERIOUS INDEED!

That same officer has also issued a number of contracts to a relative. Keep reading this page as only we have the information to report and let yinner decide!