One Hundred Thousand Dollars Paid to PR FIRM for the Casino Opening flop – Bad Press of PLP Government getting them in trouble at every turn


The PLP is now suffering from a bad dose of PR and could be destroyed if it’s not fixed

Prime Minister Christe along with DPM Davis and their wives opened the new Casino at Bimini Bay

Press ‘WUTLESSNESS’ failed to report the environmental decay in the area due to development!

Nassau, Bahamas –– Last week the PLP Government traveled to Miami and then onto Bimini for the opening of the Bimini Bay Resort’s new Casino. The news was supposed to be the first big feather in the Christie Government’s hat.

The Government, upon coming into office, immediately authorized the expansion of the resort, the first construction under its administration. Some 400 residents were hired for the job and, from what we know, when completed, along with the mega cruise ship port, millions in spin-offs will materialize.

But after the media disaster in Bimini this week, one must wonder where in the hell did the PLP Government picked up this bad dose of PR from.

We are told that Bimini Bay, at the behest of the powers that be, agreed to hire a PR firm here in New Providence to get the PR job done.

Bahamas Press has learnt big money was paid to that firm to the tune of One Hundred Thousand Dollars for the opening flop in Bimini and Miami.

We are told after the PR firm – connected to a PLP bigwig- was paid all that money, they invited the local wutless media for the plane ride and guess what? They left the hungry belly bunch to starve. One reporter claimed she didn’t know what to do and had a headache.

How could a resort pay all that money to a firm who had no sympathy for the media who is carrying the news and relaying the development around the country? WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS?!

Bahamas Press was never invited for the ride, but we sent a team to Bimini and communicated the news down there this past week. We also have some other news we ga talk about soon, and we want the resort to know in advance – the news ain’t good.

Point here though is this: The PLP Administration is bad once again with its PR. They are shooting themselves in the foot at every turn. They are falling down on good reports and the wutless media dem and BP ain’t getting none of the PIE! Point is, when you can agree to pay a PR firm more than $100,000 to do nothing then that’s what ya get – NOT A DAMN THING BUT BAD PRESS!

Just like the major international event of UNESCO held here in the Bahamas with the PM as keynote speaker and not a damn soul showed up. The appointees to UNESCO for the Bahamas don’t know how to work PR, and some further question if they are any way connected politically to the PLP!

And in the end, what is the result? Breakdown, shame, disgrace, jackup, buckup and failure once again! And who looks bad in all this? THE PLP DEM!

All we say is this – if the New PLP administration ain’t got the message by now – it is most likely they never will.

We report yinner decide!