One Million Dollars VANISHED from Union Pension Funds


Bernard Evans - BTC Line Staff UNION President

Where is the people’s MONEY?

NASSAU, Bahamas — There are shocking developments underway at the BCPOU (Bahamas Communications & Public Officers Union) where elections are imminent and nomination closed for the day.

In an interesting development, the Vice President, Mario Curry, the Treasurer, Colin Wright, the AVP in Freeport, Shawn Bowe – all did not nominate as they, along with President Bernard Evans, have all been served with writs as second respondents in the matter relating to a loan to an individual in Freeport, not a member of the union, but relating to a building project.

The amount of exposure is in excess of 1 million dollars – yes one million dollars of members’ money – from the Union’s Pension Fund.

The president was both chairman and administrator of the Pension Fund when the loan was made.

Bernard Evans, the present president, has now nominated for re-election, but he must first tell the Union workers of BTC, ZNS and others where did all their money go?

Union members must review the records of the president, and, when that is done, one can conclude that, “After all has been said and done – more is said than done”.

It should be noted that:

1. Mr. Evans was a board member that dealt with BTC privatization.

2. He headed negotiations that resulted in the major downsizing of staff at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas. (BCB).

3. He headed the committee that approved the loan of a million dollars of members’ Pension funds to a non-member contractor in Grand Bahama.

4. BP is aware that Mr. Evans, while negotiating with the FNM government, had discussions with the three major  parties – PLP, FNM & DNA – about a nomination in the last general elections……what does such duplicity reflect?

5. BP understands that Bernard Evans headed the group of executives that concluded that the BCPOU – one of the major unions in the nation – struggling for the life and well being of members at BTC and BCB and The Bridge Company… does not require a “full-time” General Secretary…

WOW! Certainly trouble brewing at BCPOU and at such a critical time when the government has expressed its interest-policy position to regain control of the BTC by seeking majority shares.

In the meantime, let’s look at Evans and look at his record!

It should be noted that the General Secretary, along with former past vice president Arnold Bowleg, are both challenging for the presidency.

We report yinner decide!


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