One week Loretta wants a Referendum for Women – and last week she agrees to its delay – Why is it there is a flip-flop and change of heart?


Some people just gatta stop playing and make up dey mind!

Loretta Butler-Turner

Nassau, Bahamas – Boy, you gatta wonder what the FNM smoking these days and the last press event set up for Loretta Butler Turner [BIG SEXY] was no strange event.

LGBT must have had a change of heart last week when she told members of the media she would agree for a delay in the Constitutional Referendum now at the Committee Stage of Parliament.

At that press conference, the usual refrain of the FNM could be heard by Butler. “I would agree for a delay of the referendum if necessary to give the public more time,” she added. Well, wait.

Mind you, this is the same Butler-Turner [BIG SEXY] who argued that the FNM been fighting for this long time and this is what she will support no matter what! In fact, she was overheard in the Parliament congratulating PLP MPs saying – Way to GO! Let’s do for women what the FNM refused to do!

But now that someone has whispered in her ear and told her to agree with the delay, here comes Big Sexy in usual form. Flip Flop. Turn around. 180 degree change of heart.

You know, it is just like the VAT debate. One day in the papers former Minister for State Laing said VAT was always coming and was being prepared by his FNM government. And now today – VAT – according to people like Loretta – is the death of the Bahamas – Yeah, RIGHT – just like they said National Insurance was.

But ya know…..Ya gatta wonder to yourself when you see these things … what kinda cocktail dey on?

We report yinner decide.