Oswald Brown Writes on Hubert “THE DICTATOR” Ingraham

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Inrgaham SOLD BTC

Begging Hubert “THE DICTATOR” Ingraham to reverse his decision to turn over the leadership of the FNM to Tommy Turnquest was the biggest mistake FNMs made back in 2005.

Despite the fact that he had hand-picked Tommy to succeed him and campaigned for him strongly during a farcical “special leadership election” conducted by the FNM, it was no secret among FNMs generally that Ingrahqam personally orchestrated the campaign for him to return, which speaks volumes for the content of his character.

This is also true about the outright lie that the late FNM leader Cecil Wallace-Whitfield, on his death bed, handpicked Ingraham to replace him as leader when he died in May of 1990.

Ask any or the still-living members of the Dissident Eight who formed the FNM along with Cecil back in 1972 whether they think this is true and they will tell you no. I have always contended that no matter who was the leader of the FNM going into the 1992 general election the FNM would have won because the
Bahamian people were ready for a change politically.

Yet over the years, true FNMs, who fought almost two decades to build the FNM into a viable party capable of winning the government, have allowed Hubert “THE DICTATOR” Ingraham to take over their party and turn it into the failed THIRD FORCE party that he formed after he was put out of the PLP in 1984. Shame on them.

And that shame must be compounded ten-fold if Tommy and the other original FNMs, especially those within Ingraham’s cabinet who are as docile as lapdogs, continue to allow Ingraham to become an absolute dictator.


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  2. Mr. Brown, do you remember me, being the first person to publicly make this charge against the DICTATOR at the time he wrestled the position away from Tommy? I said then that the DICTATOR intentionally put Tommy in the position because he knew Tommy would be the only suck egg who would lay down and play dead while the DICTATOR take his throne away from him. I repeat, what I said back then when I WROTE the letter to the press; that the DICTATOR had promised the country that he would go after two terms; that two terms were enough for any mother’s child to be prime minister, only after ten years he realized things were so sweet he tried not to leave. However the pressure was on for him to leave and he saw no way out so he set poor suck egg Tommy up. He couldn’t allow Allen or Wells win because he knew he couldn’t do to them what he did to poor old Tommy and the rest is history. He is indeed a sorry a** DICTATOR.

  3. Ask any or the still-living members of the Dissident Eight who formed the FNM along with Cecil back in 1972 whether they think this is true and they will tell you no. I have always contended that no matter who was the leader of the FNM going into the 1992 general election the FNM would have won because the Bahamian people were ready for a change politically.

    Oswald, be careful what you say cause some will accuse you of distorting the facts and trying to indoctrinate others in PLPism, lol.

    the ’87 elections should have been Pindling’s last one. As great a man as he was, he didnt know when to go! By staying an extra 10 yrs, it cost his party the government twice!

    When the PLP is organized, unified and energized they can not be beat!

  4. Oswald Brown once again you come out in fine fighting form, and I hope this is a sign that you have responded well to your Cancer treatment. I must ask you which one of the FNM lapdogs is worth saving, before they too become docile? Whose got enough mix of pot cake in their breed to feel comfortable with Bahamians from all walks of life? Not too much of a breed that they don’t know how to get down and scrap for Bahamians, and not for the foreigners. He/She got to look good, so being groomed is important. Smart enough to rescue our struggling economy. Will not bite at anyone who dares disagree with them? Knows that some time you have to be good at wagging your tail in friendship to win others over, and then keep your promises. Could it be The Honorable Branville McCartney?

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