Our News Journalist takes over PR at Agriculture as more media personalities leave to join the line of defence for the NEW DAY CREW!

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Giorgio Bain
Gray at OPM

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning the Davis Government has picked up another talent in media as the buyout across the profession in the Bahamas continues.

Our News journalist Giorgio Bain is the latest in a string of media personalities, who are now deep in the line of defence for the New Day Crew.

Bain left Our News to join the Public Relations team at the Ministry of Agriculture as head of media there.

BP is also learning the Davis Government has retained the talent of another Our News journalist Jillian Gray who has taken up a job at the Media Division in OPM. Not even we at BP knew all these talented professionals supported the NEW DAY CREW!

Over the weekend we reported how powerful radio personality Nahaja Black had joined the mission office in Canada, and Kyle Walkine has been retained in the public relations unit deep inside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Now we want to be clear: every one of the persons mentioned are competent, qualified and are highly professional to succeed in their new roles. We wish them well.

Sources tell us Clint Watson, who was the first big grab by the Davis Government, is behind the exercise to dismantle media voices in the country. Watson has grabbed talent from across the country while avoiding the junkyard at ZNS aka (DEAD-N-S). One a dese day I ga tell ya what N and S stands for.

Anyway, We ga report and let yinner decide!