Outgoing disgraced WSC Chairman promotes couple FNMs days before a general elections


NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting a communication tonight for staff at the Water and Sewerage Corporation announced the promotion of some 58 staffers.

BP is reliably informed that Ricardo “Ricky” Rolle, the man who knows how 13 generator vanished out of the WSC and landed in Long Island, also made the staff promotions list. Perhaps promoted for his deeds and participation into a crime. We will soon know

Additionally, the driver for Works Cabinet Minister, Vaughn Evans, also made the promotion list. He, yinner should know, is said to have been loaded up with contracts while working as the driver for the Minister. Evans also was made a supervisor although he has not spent one day in WSC since Desmond Bannister was made a Cabinet Minister in the Minnis government. WHAT IS THAT?!

We at BP know there were a few who deserve a promotion though and made the list. To those we thank you for your service to the Bahamian people.

And while all this is happening Adrian Gibson still retains the services of FNM publicist with braces, Xavier Knowles, is the Co-Founder and COO of Bahrezy, a business sponsored in its set up through government funding.

Knowles and Gibson remain very close. The Corporation has a public relations department, but no one can tell us what KNOWLES is being paid for every month at WSC. We can take a guess, but we are still not sure why. Perhaps the Elites Maintenance will further assist us in explaining this inseparable arrangement.

We report yinner decide!