OUTGOING PM Hubert Minnis plans to resign as FNM Party Leader following the General Elections…BP IS ALREADY LIVE INSIDE OPM

Dr Hubert Minnis a Twitter: "Today I spoke with Pastor @JoelOsteen who  offered prayers for the Bahamian people as we start the rebuilding process  in the aftermath of #HurricaneDorian. The Bahamian people
Soon GONE PM Hubert Minnis

NASSAU| With just three more days to go for polling day, visible movements and shredding of paper inside the Office of the Prime Minister is now underway. 

Bahamas Press is learning from teams already moving into the OPM that OUTGOING Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has seen the first draft of his acceptance text. BP assisted in scanning the read which will be less than five sentences. 

In one section of that statement OUTGOING Prime Minister Minnis notes his congratulations to Philip Brave Davis and also announces his resignation from the Free National Movement as Leader.

According to staff inside the OPM, the PM has not indicated whether he will address the country with the statement on the night following the elections, or simply circulate the text via a press release. 

There is a solemn feeling already in the air inside the war room of the Free National Movement with some staffers failing to show up to work today. 

Meanwhile, deep inside the PLP’s war room there is jubilation with plenty of moving parts and organizing of the first words of the country’s incoming Prime Minister. 

One source told BP, “…plans are already advancing for the October 6th Re-Opening of Parliament and text for the New Day Agenda is already drafted.

Davis while on the campaign trail assured Bahamians that his government will be ready on day one to begin big real change for the country.

We report yinner decide!