OWNER OF QBC Andrew Wilson and family held hostage by criminals inside their Westridge home during the holidays?


Update| Three criminals set to be charged this week…

Andrew Wilson

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is shocked and amazed by the lawlessness exploding in the country and the fact that the Royal Bahamas Police Force does not know what was happening on the street where the Governor General and Prime Minister live after a family who also live there was held hostage by gunmen over the holidays.

Now we ga say it because no one else will; it is a big disgrace to see how hardened criminals could drive up and down the street of the two leading figures, the most powerful men in the country, and yet the RBPF does not know what is going on when a family was being terrorized.

Wilson and family was terrorized by the criminals less than one week ago at his home in Westridge.

The question must be put: How could BP and team gather information in seconds and sometimes identify the culprits, but police, with all that technology and 17 plus million-dollar drones and CCTV equipment, cannot detect or say what is happening on one of The Most important streets in all the Bahamas?! Yinner playing police, eh?

No one sees a problem with national security in this country!? ONLY BP!?

NEW PROVIDENCE is only 21 x 7 and you telling us police cannot hunt down or track down these terrorists who are riding up and down, reeking havoc in the country? What is dis?!

The road of the two most powerful people in the land goes unmonitored by law enforcement in the country! Yinner jokey, eh? What a Time!

Look here …. on BP street a robber attempted to steal a car around 8pm one night 8 years ago- and look here – between the attempt and the capture was less than 5 minutes. The robber sufferred two broken ribs, three teeth out, a broken arm and looked down the barrel of several licensed weapons before hobbling into an awaiting patrol vehicle, thanking them for saving his life from the response of the community. That robber left the scene leaking red and such an incident has not occurred since. Our securuty teams are dangerous! We have a Zero Tolerance for criminals!

But we digress. Someone needs to explain to us how is it no one has yet to be captured in this Westridge hostage terror incident, on what is supposed to be one of the safest streets in the country!?

What in da hell is dis?!

But we ga report and let yinner decide!