Pair who murdered elderly man following a car accident in the Grove said they were drinking at the time!

Andrew Sturrup homicide victim #12

NASSAU| We now know the man who suffered that violent stabbing attack following an accident is a man in his late 60s, Andrew Sturrup. 

He is the man who was stabbed to death by a teen following an accident on Tuesday evening on Fifth Street and Palm Tree Ave. The incident recorded the 12th homicide in the country.

The teen, who confessed to the stabbing incident, confirmed he and his 21-year-old friend were drinking at the time. The men pulled Sturrup out of his vehicle and began assaulting him to get him to repair their vehicle. 

BP believes if detectives look closer at this case something is not adding up. But did any of the men possess a valid driver’s license to drive a vehicle to begin with? WHAT IS THIS?

After stabbing the senior man, the teen and his friend fled the scene of the homicide, leaving their vehicle on the scene. But it was too late for Sturrup who had received life threatening wounds about his body. He died on the scene. 

The 21-year-old said he dragged the elderly man out of his vehicle to simply prevent him from leaving the scene of the accident. 

The pair is expected to return to court on Monday.

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