Papa has just landed in Abaco late this afternoon and will remain there until Thursday

The Bahamian Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham.

Abaco, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into our news desk confirms the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham has just landed on the island of Abaco, where the nation chief is expected to spend the remainder of his vacation.

Sources in the position to know tell us the PM decided to return to the capital following issues intensified in the country while he was on vacation. Last week Monday the PM paid a visit to John Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, no word from the Cabinet Office has come following that visit.

Sources in the OPM tell us the PM will be updated on the latest matters affecting the country and then at 8PM he will tune into a national address delivered by the Rt. Hon. Perry Christie.

“The Prime Minister upon hearing that address will then craft a response by his party, which will be issued to the press shortly afterwards,” the OPM source said.

Christie is scheduled to go national around the country via a televised National Address tonight and will present the vexing issue of crime facing the nation.

Some 92 persons have been murdered in the capital for the year.


  1. I must say Mr. Christie has gained a lot of ground in the last two months.
    A lot of people are taking Mr. Christie serious these days.
    And like the saying goes …”when the cat is out of town….

  2. As long as Papa’s running in this election, nothing is certain for the PLP or DNA.
    We all know things don’t look good for the FNM in spit of all the visible thing they have done. The PLP has a slight advantage 9 months before the Polls are open.
    But like Jordan, Magic, Larry Bird, Kobe, or Dirk in the final minutes of a close game, and the ball is in their hangs, everyone waits in anticipation to see what the great ones does.
    Hubert Ingraham is like the Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Bo Jackson when there is desperate need for yardage.
    Ingraham is the Reggie Jackson, Kirk Gibson, Mark McGuire or Steve Garvey when Baseball teams need a base runner home.

    Will The Politician of the century come through this time?

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  4. There is noting this evil FNM cabinet and their gang of party loyal bureaucrats can craft tonight, following the former Prime Minister’s address to the Nation to even begin to repair the damage they have brought to our Bahamaland since 2007.
    But at some point before the 2012 General Elections this gang is going to have to bring the PM out of his bunker and level with the Bahamian electorate on all the messy citizenship parts of their granting Haitians citizenship’s.
    If and when they do then it will clear the many secret parts of the puzzle of the easing of the Haitians policy that even their own loyal supporters will cry shame on what they have done to our Bahamaland. A sellout of our sovereignty, and their utter failure to live up to their much promised transparency to bring Bahamians into the loop with their decision making.

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