Hundreds of PLPs, DNA and FNMs partied into the morning at a PLP Back to College Bash!

PLPs on the roll as they celebrate with hundreds of young people over the weekend.

Nassau, Bahamas — On Friday past members of the PLP hosted the biggest back to college bash ever seen in the country, and if the event was a sign of things to come, it means the PLP will galvanize the votes of the young people.

Hundreds of young politicos stacked themselves like sardines in the can at the ranch of the PLP Deputy Leader, Philip Brave Davis. The event on the ridge out west collected hundreds of PLPs, plenty young FNMs and a handful a DNA young supporters.

A Torchbearer, Keith partyin like a rockstar dress in yellow at the Davis compound over the weekend. FNMs are leaving the Party in droves...

The pull by the PYL was so strong; PLP leader Perry Gladstone Christie, who orchestrated the event behind the scenes, showed up and began working the ground on the compound as he did back in 2002 when he delivered the gold Tsunami during that election.

Christie we are told began the whisper at the event, in what many described as a Las Vegas style outdoor party. The food was endless, the drinks were pouring and the lines of cars meandered almost to the main road.

One senior member of the FNM torchbearers noted to BP, “Boy I coming home to the PLP. Is this a Party or what. Plenty food, plenty fun and young people gone to bed, the PLP is on a roll!”

Sources deep in the PLP tell us the event is just the start of a national drive to register thousands of voters headed to the polls this election to VOTE THE FNM OUT!

PYL leader Johnson, welcomes hundreds of young people at the Davis ranch on West Ridge.
The beautiful young women crowded the Davis compound at the PYL Back to College Weekend Bash.
Plenty food, plenty fun and gook looking women crowed the PLP Back to College Bash on Friday night


  1. Keith got caught making Major moves! The hierarchy of the FNM have to be holding their heads in shame say what the….! I wonder why PYL don’t attend the Torchbearers events, if their so call real friends.. Few executives can surely hurt a party for real. Boy TYA I must say ya messed up on this one! Caught RED handed dey say..
    P.S nice gold shirt by the way Keith Major, especially for this occasion


  2. Good Story BP!! Caught them RED handed! TYA are hungry and Papa don’t want to feed them, instead their rival and Brave had too..

    Carl Bethel gatta be smoking another 3packs of cigarettes when saw this, hope he doesn’t set them on fire like he did the FNM HQ. That maybe the reason why it burnt it down, because he is fired and Pintard got hired..

    PLP 2012!

  3. A job well done PYL!! keep up the good work and know that Marathon will continue to support you in all your endeavours.
    When all the young people can come together weather PLP, FNM or DNA and enjoy themselves with out conflict of politics, that is a good sign for what’s to come. At the end of the day we are all Bahamians and we must look out for the well being of this country and Bahmaians.

  4. PLP, FNM or DNA – these young people are all friends and they all have one thing in common – they love a good party, no matter who is having it

  5. Could 2012 be a “déjà vu all over again” for the former prime Minister?
    But lets not permit the fun at Brave’s party to relax the fight to win, remembering that a win in 2012 has it’s reasons why it will not go down as a hitting back-to-back home run.
    I will listen to see if I hear anything new tonight about the message the former PM will present to the electorate, because so far Christie has been flat on a winning message.

  6. How is offering free food and free drinks to young people news BP. If it free they comin regardless of what party throwin it. This is degrading not news worthy. PLP need to stop feeding our young people liquor. We need Jesus not liquor. This is becoming pitiful. Anything for votes.

      • I must say PYL and Brave did a good job and out smarted those TYA executives. Papa ain’t feeding his young bearers aye BP, cause I see 3 of the TYA executives there Mr. Thomas Barnett in the 1st photo black shirt, Tevin Bannister in the 4th blue stripe shirt and Keith Major 3rd and 4th pic in the GOLD shirt!! Lol boy BP you hurt them cause I know heads are spinning in the Hierarchy of the FNM to see their own supporting the PLP events. Was their President of TYA there? I understand he is PAPA boy so I know he couldn’t of been there or else Papa will chap him down also!

        By the way tell Mr. Keith Major stop lying to he people on FB bout he wasn’t to the party and also saying “Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see” well Keith seems to be making some Major moves especially in his GOLD shirt.

        PLP ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2012 IS OUR BABY!!

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