Papa shows up at the 50th Anniversary of the FNM and is sending a loud warning to Soon GONE Leader Minnis…


NASSAU| Shots were fired inside the Church of God of Prophecy this afternoon as former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham AKA “Da Gunman” aka PAPA entered the church to take back control of the FNM!

PAPA sat in the front seat during the worship service laughing at Minnis as the FNM celebrated 50 years as a wutless corrupt crooked and criminal political organization in the country.

Minnis wept like a child having a mental breakdown seeking forgiveness from FNMs for his disastrous short term as Prime Minister having led the party to political slaughter! The FNM lost the government – only capturing 7 seats in the Parliament; losing key strongholds like North Eleuthera and South Abaco.

Ingraham reminded the country of Minnis’ decision to relinquish the leadership of the FNM. Minnis, we at BP know, though, is moving around the country, drumming up support for him to stay on as Leader. 

In fact the Opposition Leader Minnis hosted 50 voting delegates at the Poop Deck West a few days ago. 

Papa will come on the floor of his Convention to support DUANE SANDS! We will see how this goes.

We report yinner decide!