Papa’s bagman, Ed Curling, has brought three garbage trucks into New Providence via Grand Bahama – presumably duty free!?


From thiefin sand to collecting garbage to cheating taxes…Could Peter Turnquest tell us if taxes were paid on these garbage trucks?

Garbage trucks presumed to have been imported into Grand Bahama DUTY FREE are now shipped into New Providence!

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning the Minnis Cabinet has awarded Papa’s top bag man Ed Curling another major contract, this time to collect garbage on the streets.

You would remember how BP reported that many garbage contracts were cancelled during the holidays and awarded to new contractors.

BP team on Grand Bahama now has footage and information on how one of the new contractors is ‘Da Tycoon’ and PAPA’s former bagman Ed Curling.

Curling, you should remember, was the man at the centre of the sand scandal at Arawak Cay who lived a story from rag to riches during the Administration of Papa.

Well, from our information, Curling imported three garbage trucks this month and according to the paperwork they were brought into the Bahamas via the port of Grand Bahama; presumably duty free!

Well, those three garbage trucks have been shipped to New Providence with perhaps only BP watching the gate! They will hit the road soon.

And just so yinner think BP is joking with this latest report, here are the photos to prove our report!

We therefore have a question for the Minister of Finance. Could Peter Turnquest tell us if taxes were paid on these garbage trucks?

We report yinner decide!

John Ed Curling – The Tycoon from Tycoon Management.