Parents with invitations to the Ministry of Education Graduation event are locked outside Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gym


Parents and Guardians forced entry into the packed gym for graduation events for the Ministry of Education…

Packed Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gym standing room only as MOE graduation exercise gets underway.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is reporting that there is a major incident now unfolding at the Kendal G. L. Isaacs Gym.

We can tell you a Ministry of Education high school graduation event, which was set to be underway this evening, has resulted in complete chaos. Guests with invitations are not being allowed in the gym. Some suggest that the gym is overcrowded leaving scores of parents outside.

BP can report the exercise involves several high schools. This means thousands of parents and guardians who are invited cannot gain access into the gym, as they are not being allowed inside the doors.

We are being told that parents outside forced entry into the gym to witness the event. There is now standing room only at the function.

BP wonders who in Education did the logistics for this major event?


We report yinner decide!

Live graduation event for high schools underway at the K.G. Isaacs Gym.