Two officers who ended the life of an armed man heard that their actions were lawful!

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Coroner Court ruled in the case of Lorenzo Bain

Nassau – Two police officers have won their battle in the Coroner’s Court in what was a unanimous decision that a lawful killing had occurred in the case of a man on Baillou Hill Road.

Many would remember Lorenzo Bain. He was a man who was recorded running along Bailliou Hill Road with a shotgun he stole from a store nearby. Bain began to use the weapon to fire at cars as they passed by before police intercepted him.

A video recording of the incident, which was also broadcast live on BP, was submitted to prove the case in defence of the officers. ACP Ken Strachan and ASP Maycock was being questioned for their actions.

The ruling by jurors came back unanimously that the killing was indeed lawful. Her Majesty’s Coroner [Acting] Mrs Jeanine Weech-Gomez delivered the ruling yesterday.

The officers were defended by Attorney Devard Francis.

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