Parliament lunch packed up every sitting and shipped to MP’s home in Fox Hill – WHY?!

Speaker of the House must stop the greedy MP from taking the Parliament lunch!

NASSAU| A cook who has had the contract to supply the Parliament with food for years has now lost her touch. The chef, who hails from the Holy Cross community where Carl “Da Wutless” Bethel once served as an MP, has turned the cooking over to some who have dropped the ball. Sometimes, we believe they do even drop the food – but, hey, that’s another story for another day.

Now when the cook was in her stride, up and running, cooking up a storm for the Parliament under the Ingraham government, the food was divine. I mean even more beautiful in taste. Added to the fact that Former PM Hubert Ingraham made sure there was no rat problem in the Parliament, and therefore, if a pan a macaroni was served, the cook would have problems finding the pan much less the food. But today is a different story.

Some days the food is so awful, just as it is presented for MPs, it is left touched. Even the rodents of the House want no part in the feasting. No one wants a bite into the $3,000 plus spent at every House sitting as Parliamentarians do the People’s Business.

But here’s the real story: a greedy, selfish all knowing MP who hails from Fox Hill has the food packed up and shipped to a home deep in Fox Hill. The MP resides inside the home, which some describe as the Official Community dump.

Question: Why is the MP taking the taxpayers’ food?

Why can’t the leftover food be sent to one of the feeding programmes around the country after each sitting?

What is being done with the Parliament’s lunch by the sitting MP? Has the MP turned the wasted food over and is selling it in some kitchen somewhere on the island? Boy, some people ain’t gat no damn shame!

With all the ‘churrin’ left hungry each night around this country, with all the seniors and dependents from the Red Cross and Salvation Army who could all use a hot meal [even if it tastes bad], why is the sitting Member of Parliament hogging up the People’s Food and failing to account as to what is happening with it?

Bahamas Press calls on the Speaker Halson Moultrie to address this matter and stop the damn greedy MP from taking all the leftovers.

Boy, if we were in another setting or in Parliament we would raise the matter on the floor as an urgent national matter! What is this?

We report yinner decide!