PART TWO OF SUNDAY SPECIAL – The hue and cry by collaborating operatives for a Freedom of Information Act – as Papa would say ‘Chile, PLEASE’!


If members of the WUTLESS MEDIA ONLY Do their Jobs – There would be no need for a Freedom of Information Act!

Nassau, Bahamas — What was also interesting this week was the talk by the FNM about bringing into law a Freedom of Information Act. And to that we say: “Oh, how short are the memories of some who live in the Bahamas.”

The idea was again echoed this week by another group attached to the Save Clifton Bay group – now funded by Louis Bacon – the new Enemy of the State.

Coming out of the opposition’s new extended voice was one character by the name of Gail Woon, who, along with the Coalition’s voice, said this piece of legislation was important to democracy.

We at Bahamas Press always finds it amusing when “VOICES” joined at the HIP of the FNM come and go like ghosts in this town as they all echo the same thing.

When in 1992 then leader of the opposition Hubert Ingraham ran to lead the Bahamas, he echoed across the land a theme that resonated with every Bahamian under the sun: “Government in the Sunshine”. Ingraham back then repeated the line: “I am the Delivery Boy… and I am delivering a message of hope to the Bahamian people.”

Freedom of Information was front and centre of the deal with the Bahamian people by the FNM, now more than 20 years ago. What is interesting is this: Branville McCartney who wants the Act passed into law never once called for it while he was in power. Nor did anyone in the FNM have the balls to enact it while they sat in power – promising the dream of it – for 15 of the last 20 years!

The Tribune and Guardian, all alike, failed to demand that the Act be enacted while Ingraham was in charge of the country for 15 long and terrible years.

Louis Bacon, his Coalition, his operatives and agents [Gail Woon] never conjured the idea in their heads while the FNM sat in power for 15 years!

And so our question is this: why is there such a rush and hurry now? Some people must believe the Bahamian people are fool and stupid to believe they are genuine in their pronouncements.

What is also amazing is the collaboration between the Opposition, DNA and Louis Bacon’s agents Save the Bays, C B Moss and Gail Woon, all beating the Christie Government up in the press over this singular issue – Freedom of Information.

They all claim they want to know what is happening in their government and seek to be apart of the running of the country through an open and transparent process – WHAT A LIE!

The crew now banding together forget how in 2010 no one knew what was in the deal between the big Telephone company sale nor did anyone at the Guardian or Tribune care to know.

No one in the FNM was concerned with how almost 100 million in overruns were racked up in the botched road deal, which was poorly managed and chased hundreds of businesses into the grave.

None of the operatives calling for the information sought the details of the then-Ingraham Government’s environmental disasters at Saunders Beach, Kamalamae Cay or in the Exuma Land and Sea Park where the most egregious dredging exercises were done with the blessings of the Bahamas National Trust! Not one damn soul called for a Freedom of Information Act then!

Or how about the importance of the Act when millions upon millions of tax dollars at NIB were being squandered at the pleasure of the rogue former Director, who paid himself an increase without approvals by the Government? Then paid himself a bonus which was more than the salary of any public servant. No one argued for a Freedom of Information act then – in fact the Tribune defended the THIEFIN –JACKASS!

It’s Unbelievable!

But you know, this is the Bahamas. And this is the country where the few in the minority believe we in the majority do forget.

The next time you ask about a Freedom of Information Act – go look for Hubert Ingraham and ask him why in the hell he lied to the Bahamian people in 1992.

Yinner mussy think we fool – eh? As Ingraham would say, “Chal Please”!

We report yinner decide!