Partner in Hubert Ingraham’s Law Firm Charged with Embezzlement – Two hundred and eighty thousand dollars vanishes from client account


Money issues appear to continue to engulf the former Prime Minister

Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has also poorly managed the Bahamian economy and now concerns are raised at his law firm.

Nassau, Bahamas – Mysteriously around the same time the Chairman had just rapped up campaigning in the Crown Haven area of North Abaco,  a little before 1 am Tuesday morning, something was  brewing in an Abaco courtroom.

Closer monitoring what played out in the courtroom will shocked the country including BP.

Charlie’s death occurred on the eve of a hushed arraignment that was never carried in any newspaper or any other media for that matter.

Bahamas Press has learnt the law partner of Hubert Ingraham has been charged in the court this week for allegedly “THIEFIN CLIENT’S MONEY”!

It’s Unbelievable!

The law firm of the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is alleged to be responsible for the disappearance into thin air of the funds of a client’s account in the amount of Two hundred and eighty thousand dollars $280,000.

The money, according to reports, went missing like a hologram.

Now what is interesting about this is the fact that not a damn word about the court developments were made public in the press, but everyone and they mah from Crown Haven knew when a former PLP MP from Andros was alleged to owe client money.

How could that former MP’s story be made public, and a similar story, this time from the law firm of Hubert Ingraham, goes hush hush?


Court documents revealed the funds vanished from a client’s account and no answers as to who has the money are coming forth.

Former Minister of Tourism, Vincent Wallace now hiding in Barbados after $825,000 vanished out of Tourism was paid to a shell company for Tourism marketing.

A judge hearing the matter in an Abaco courtroom this week seized the travel documents of Vanria Lightbourne, who runs the Abaco branch of the firm.

She is to reappear in court for further hearing.

But the developments are not surprising. It appears common for money to go missing whenever and wherever the name Hubert Ingraham appears.

Bahamas Press
is still awaiting the investigation into the vanishing of over Eight Hundred and Twenty-Five Thousand dollars from the Ministry of Tourism when Vincent Vanderpool Wallace served as minister. No word on that investigation has come from the new government and we wonder why?

Like Ms Lightbourne, Vanderpool Wallace was never fired by Ingraham which leaves many questions unanswered.

What was did the former Prime Minister know about the money paid to a shell company by the Ministry of Tourism?

– When did he know about the funds vanished from his law firm?

– Were the funds used in the recent General Elections?

– Why was the public’s attention distracted from the charges levied against Ingraham’s Law partner?

– If Ingraham’s existing law partner is charged with these crimes could Mr. Ingraham be involved as well seeing that he runs the firm?

– What ever happened to Mr. Ingraham’s words which played over and over again ‘If I catch your hands in the cookie jar I will chop them off’? Apparently his law partner who is now standing before the judgment bar still has her two hands swinging and was still employed at the firm up to the court date.

We at Bahamas Press wonder what will the newspapers say now after we kept this story almost one week while the wutless media sat with a deafening silence on the matter.

Boy we tell ya…if ya don’t laugh you will cry!

We report and yinner decide!


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