Party Leader Fired Up And Ready!!


PLP Convention Opened 8:30am this morning…

PLP Leader the Hon. Philip Brave Davis is at convention hall at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort at this hour at the official opening of the 54th National General Convention of the Progressive Liberal Party. The PLP National Convention opened at 8:30am on Thursday, 25th July 2019. In photo is Leader Davis along with his wife Ann Marie and Sen. Clay Sweeting.

NASSAU| Fired up and ready to go on the eve of the Progressive Liberal Party’s 54th National General Convention, Party Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis says his leadership team, having answered the call to action, has in fact approached the work of reinvigorating the PLP with a sense of urgency and is now encouraging all PLPs to do the same.

This call to action, which is the Convention’s theme, is necessary says Davis because The Bahamas needs a strong, inclusive, forward-looking party that stands up for the people.

As PLPs from all walks of life gather at the Melia Resort today, Davis advises to keep the core values of the PLP in mind and to not loose hope while fighting for those principles in a modern Bahamas.