Senior politician arranged to have his cub reporter hired to finish off the Minnis Government…


The former senior MP may be organizing to deliver disorder inside his party…

NASSAU| A media personality aka cub reporter has been brought into the establishment of a morning daily as a senior politician sets up his apparatus to remove PM Minnis from office. Boy! Look at trouble coming up the road inside the FNM.

The young media beauty was one time the “sweet-ting” for the senior politician and, when in office, he took his gal pal far up in the high mountains of Asia to engage in serious acrobatic fun and frolic exercises. What a disgrace!

The global parties and tours on the public dime were so serious that the cub reporter had to be administered serious tranquilizing medications to relieve her severe physiological condition. In fact, the senior politician was so effective in turning the cub reporter into a mental example that she ended up in a deep and ‘dutty’ divorce. The senior politician often discussed around the table the stories of him and the crazy affairs with the cub – and bragged how he made her insane.

Anyway, the senior politician recently used his influence to arrange for the young cub reporter to get a job inside the dying dinosaur morning daily. The cub reporter, we want to add, is a brilliant writer and photographer who was removed from a government agency by another senior politician whose name rhymes with the word “Finish”!

The cub reporter often used her pen to beat the backside of that senior politician daily online and sparked a serious division inside the party of the FNM.

We at BP will be watching her updates from the newspaper.

We report yinner decide!