DAVIS: This Is Not The Time To Interrupt PLP’s growth

Brave Wave meeting on Grand Bahama Tuesday evening.

FREEPORT| Speaking to a huge crowd of PLPs assembled at the Taxi Union Hall in Freeport, Grand Bahama on Tuesday night, Party Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis advised that now is not the time to interrupt the party’s progress and growth, but to let it continue with the present ‘Brave Wave’ team of Davis, Cooper, Mitchell and Lynes. 

Moreover, Davis said he is very satisfied with the enormous progress made throughout the party and is certain, that the present leadership team in place can and will take the PLP to victory in 2022.

The ‘Brave Wave’ team’s  presence in Grand Bahama, is to show the PLP’s concern towards the plight of its resident and to encourage all supporters to attend the 54th National General Convention slated for July 25 – 27th at the Melia Resort. 

Davis informed the excited PLP supporters that the SS PLP, which was damaged and stuck on the reefs after the 2017 elections, has now been repaired and is now sea-worthy enough to set sail. 

Now that this faithful ship is riding the Brave Wave the leader said, it is now time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. 

Party Leader Philip Brave Davis along with youth members of the PLP on Grand Bahama.


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