Pastor Allen Lee Responds to Brent Symonette

Pastor Allen Lee

Dear Editor:
June 28, 2011

I would be most pleased if you would deem it fit to publish the following:

I am in Tampa, Fla. Recuperating from open-heart surgery and almost suffered a post-surgery heart attack after reading the article appearing in the June 18th. issue of the Nassau Guardian that was emailed to me by a concerned member of Calvary Bible Church.

What concerned me most was not the act that the Hon. Brent Symonette was dealing with an issue it is quite obvious he has no real inkling of its true nature, but the manner in which he dealt with it as a supposedly representative of the Bahamian people. I once thought he had a bright future in politics, but no longer – if his handling of this vital issue is an indication of his intellectual, moral, political and spiritual acumen.

If the Guardian’s article is correct, he voted for a Bill he did not read. That immediately reminded me of the statement Mrs. Pelosi, the then leader of the Democratic Party, when she said, concerning a controversial bill that was seeking passage in the house: “You’ll have to pass the bill in order to know what’s in it.” The Hon. Bahamian Member of Parliament, Mr. Brent Symonette’s statement is just as stupid, irresponsible and shows a complete lack of concern for the Bahamian people’s welfare. How is it possible for any Bahamian – or anyone else for that matter, even the UN – to take him seriously! His actions betray both his mentality and his lack of concern for Bahamian citizens. He simply does not have the interest to UNDERSTAND the issues he’s dealing with on our behalf!

Again, if the Guardian’s statement is accurate, Mr. Symonette seems to have no consciousness or awareness of the spiritual and Christian ethos of the nation he is supposed to represent. Every period of our history has show a disdain and rejection of the sodomite lifestyle. But it appears that, for My Symonette, it’s only what he – or his UN friends – think is morally acceptable to a people – and that in spite of the fact the preamble of our constitution mandates that he reflect “Christian principles” in his behaviour and decisions as a representative of the Bahamians who elected him to represent them – not HIS personal moral values. One must wonder if he has not, both in principle and in actuality, violated the constitution, which he has sworn to uphold as a Member of Parliament. Is this not and evidence of his inability to truly “protect” the Bahamian people? He simply is not aware of the Christian underpinnings or the thrust of the constitution. How can he “protect them in these areas?

Brent Symonette

On wonders what “human right” Mr. Symonette is concerned about with regard to hose that choose to perform one particular type of sexual activity. Our present laws offer protection for all citizens from unlawful harm. Doesn’t Mr. Symonette understand that fact? Is this another evidence of his inability to truly “protect” the Bahamian people? He doesn’t know the laws of the land! In addition, he does not understand the nature of the bill. He refers to his being in agreement with the right for everyone to have a choice, what he calls, “the expansion of rights for “people of any persuasion.” In context, he is referring to so-called “right” of individuals to choose their their sexual mate. However, the right of choice is not the issue, it’s what is it right to choose without forcing others to agree that that choice is the right one for everyone. He is actually voting that Bahamians agree that homosexuals are a special group of people based on their preference to have sex with whom they please and that we must agree that this is a “right” position for all to believe, or else hey will be penalized for it. In other words, he is forcing Bahamians to endorse the lifestyle of sodomites or be punished by the Government for not doing so. This just does not make sense!

I and other colleagues in the Christian Ministry here in the Bahamas, have adequately covered the moral, health, psychological, historical and biblical reasons for outwardly rejecting the homosexual/sodomite way of life in previous public communications as well as from our pulpits, so I won’t do so at this time. My concern is that we, as Bahamians, must protect our future, by being sure that those who represent us are able to do so both morally and spiritually as well as intellectually.

The following quote from the Guardian’s article is also very troublesome ‘The United States supported the resolution, which also asked that the study be conducted before the end of the year to look at how international laws can “be used to end violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” This “universal Brain washing” strategy has already been set in motion via the so-called “hate-speech” bills passed by the UN and imposed upon its members, including the Bahamas. It appears in section 53 (3) IV of the Communications Bill 2009 that is presently being implemented by our URCA. The import of this proposed mandate upon “freedom of speech” was well recognized by the PLP leadership from a political perspective when they challenged ZNS for attempting to implement it with reference to political speech. The same principle holds with reference to the Church, but now, not only is free speech impacted, but also freedom of religion. A research on the negative impact of this being imposed in Great Britain, Australia and other UN member nations, is easily discovered by doing even a google research using “hate-speech” as a keyword.

As we say, “mark my words, soon it will be illegal for preachers, or any one else for that matter, to read portions of the Bible condemning sodomy. There is no question that the UN is on a deliberate path to, at a minimum, marginalize Christianity throughout the world by seeking to remove its world wide traditional and historical impact upon human values. It’s relentless efforts to eliminate capital punishment, promote abortion on demand, remove gender distinctions and the such, including the issue under discussion, creating a new non-gender gender!

We need representative “who understand the times” and who have the courage and moral fortitude to do what is necessary, not only for the physical and material protection of our citizens, but also for their moral and spiritual benefit as well.

Yours for a truly “better Bahamas,”

Allan R. Lee {citizen}
P.O. Box N1684
Tel. 813-361-0448


  1. I only wish the church would stay out of POLITICS! Hence, deal with te politics they’re around everyday on there PULPITS! Stop forcing your belief down the throat of others! I’m sick of! I am not in support of “Gay-Marriages” but who am I to tell a law abiding adult whom he should spent the rest of his/her life with? If you have a problem with gay/gay marriage then DON’T marry a gay person! How it is a threat too your marriage Mr. Lee?

    God doesn’t need anyone to defend His word! He watches of it Himself and it which is truth will always prevail!

    With the most recent killings/murders where is the outcry from Mr. Lee (sry, I don’t do manmade tittles) and the church…..WHERE?

    People were given choices by God, when that choice doesn’t agree with your choice there seems to be a problem!

    Again I will close as I have opened…..”TO THE CHURCH STAY OUT OF POLITICS…PERIOD”!

  2. could not agree more,pastor allen ,though breif have demonstrated once again that the bahamas will remain sober in its deliberation in respect of these matters that have potential to redefine us as a nation and a people…we still have a nation to protect..lets find thoose who will join us in reflecting our values..get well soon pastor allen lee

  3. Pastor Allan Lee God Bless and continue to strengthen you…for years you have been the small voice at the ears of Bahamians entreating us to live and act right…encouraging us to read and study God’s words….We as a people have done wrong so much and so long till there are some among us who think its right….irrespective of the sin..sin is still sin…obviously some people don’t listen to him on Sunday morning or they would know he has spoken out and is very vocal against all social ills and all sin…..Take care Pastor Lee and get well soon and return to your people here in The Bahamas…..our prayers are with you ….

  4. All they need to do is read the Constitution of the Bahamas and they should no exactly how to vote. The FNM feel like the rule the country there power hungry and corrupt but time longer than rope. TIME FOR ALL OF THEM TO GO ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  5. The people of The Bahamas are reaping sorrow because the decisions made by the Government of the day goes against our fundamental rights and our constitutional rights. If the Constitution of The Bahamas were taught in our schools, then the mindset of the people would be very different. Please I beg everyone to get a copy of the Constitution, many of the laws have been broken by the Government and that is why this country is going to the dogs. We are making decisions that have no regard for the supremacy of God, we are still slaves of labor, we have no moral convictions and our fundamental rights have been taken away. The next time your politician come knocking on your door, ask them if they know the Constitution of The Bahamas, if they knew, things would be very different, I can assure you. I beg every Bahamian to get a copy of your Constitution, you would be shocked at how your rights have been violated. Those of you who are seeking a seat in the next Government, I implore you to know the Constitution, this will form the basis for every agreement you sign on to and every decision you make. Make sure it is taught in the schools from grade one, a MUST! BAHAMIANS KNOW YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! GOD BLESS OUR BAHAMALAND!


  7. Easy up on Pastor Allen Lee, the man just had open-heart surgery and is in a Florida hospital trying to recover. I don’t know why those concerned member of Calvary Bible Church emailing him these things upsetting him. They don’t understand the man just had open heart surgery aye? I understand what Pastor Lee is saying and I agree with him, but this isn’t no time for him to have that wicked Brent Symmonette on top of his head, right now, he should be more focus on his health and those members need to stop sending him them emails. The man almost suffered another heart attack after reading that article. If that did kill him, who was going to be here to deal with it? Whoever was going to take it on, need to take it now. You see this look like any time for Pastor Lee to be dealing with this? He there writing these letters from his hospital room, have some conscience, for crying out loud!

  8. Seems like Allan Lee wants all homosexuals to be hung by the neck until dead. He mite as well instruct his church choir to sing ‘boom bye bye in a battie boy head’ before he gets up on the podium and pontificate.

    I dont ascribe to this lifestyle, but I would imagine everyone should be afforded basic human rights, fully protected by law.

    I would hate to call the known and loved Pastor a hate mongerer but I’m sure his coffers got blessed many Sundays by those same-type people. I think Pastor Lee is proclaiming himself judge jury and executioner.

    I wonder if he spoke out so boldly against ‘sex in the church office’ and ‘cum on the floor’.

    • “Respect others ” shows that he has little respect for him/herself in that he/she is afraid to reveal their indenty! No “sel-respecting” person would be too cowardly to reveal themselves when so boldly proclaiming their convictions, or should I say, “opinions”?

      I usually do not respond to anonymous correspondence because of this, but I have chosen to violate my own “policy” in order to show the possible motivation for such cowardly attacks.

      Why would the self respecting writer resort to such concepts as “hanging” and name calling, such as “hate monger.” My studies in Psychology tell me some people resort to such tactics for one of two reasons – perhaps both: “Projection” and an evidence of frustration because they have nothing of value to contributevto a discussion or debate. “Projection” of course, is when a person “projects” on another that which they themselves are secretly “guilty of” but are supressing.

      I’m just wondering. Perhaps “self respect” needs to (excuse the pun!) “come out of the closet.”

    • Yea, did you say sex in the church an CUM on the Floor??? my my what in gods name is the church coming to?, or has it always been that way, now just coming out? Pastor lets hear it while you sick an bashing gays, all sins are equal, whats your 5 cents on this pastor

  9. Hope you are now doing better Pastor Lee. While you find the time in your sickness to launch a personal attack on the DPM, please find the voice to speak on the many ills affecting the church as a whole, it appears that all of them today are acting more business like than the white knight, an oh the bishop from st james road (sex on the floor in jesus name). to end I think we have a great problem with adultry an fornicating, that no church is even talking about?? keeping sweetheart is a common way of life in this so called christian nation…..lets stop faking it man an be real OK……God Bless

    • All solid Bible believing Pastors, priests, etc. preach re. the sins you mention regularly. Point is, you have to be in such and attend in order to be instructed. The difference re. the sin of sodomy/homosexuality is that those who have CHOSEN such a lifestyle is determined to change our laws so that the country legalizes their sinful lifestyle. We are all sinners, though made in the image and likeness of God. We all need redemption, which Christ has graciously provided by His death and glorious resurrection and is open to all who would trust in Him and Him alone for salvation; however, no sinner – including me or any pastor – has “the right” to force their sinful behaviour on the rest of us sinners by trying to change our laws to endorse or agree that their lifestyle is “right” or “natural.” Other sinners, like adulterers,fornicator, etc. are not doing this. At least they have the integrity to admit and acknowledge that their lifestyle is sinful and so contrary to the Bible, the infallible and authoritative “handbook” for faith and practice. Unfortunately, most sodomites do not have this kind of integrity and instead, are “hell-bent” on making everyone else to agree that they are “right.” I can guarantee you, if they would simply abandon this “agenda,” the conflict and open opposition to their lifestyle would be eliminated and placed in the same catergory as all sins such as adultery, fornication, lying, etc. It is their aggressive militancy to make “believers” of everyone re. the legitimacy of their biblical and morally illegitimate lifestyle that creates the problem we have. Hatred for the individual homosexual does not really enter the picture – they are created in the image of God, as we all are – it’s a holy hatred for their sinful lifestyle that is at issue – especially when coupled with the militant endeavour to force others to accept it as legitimate or be “criminallized” for not doing so. So all the “name-calling” of those who oppose this “agenda” shows a lack of understanding of the true issue.
      Jesus died for ALL sinners as the following Biblical text affirms – NOW PLEASE BE SURE TO READ VERSE 11, which also confirms that homosexuals, like all US sinners CAN BE CHANGED THROUGH FAITH IN CHRIST. “1Corinthians 6.9 “.. do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor
      revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.” (1 Corinthians 6.9–11 NAS95).

  10. Pastor Allen Lee has always represented himself as a true expositor of the Bible. A man who speaks the word of God with out wavering. Amazing that there are very few Armour bearers left. Now I ask you, is he the only Religious leader appalled by the government sneak attempt at presenting this bill? Are the others aware that this is ushering the legislation to bring oppression on the end church. Do they realize that by being silence now, they can be thrown into jail for preaching God’s position on homosexuality after this is passed? SMH, Yep this administration has got us in a hen basket ready to be shipped to HELL.

  11. Sad day for the Bahamas, seems like a lot of our values and beliefs are slowly being erroded..Thank you Pastor Lee for speaking out against this abomination!!Thank God for a Pastor like you, we need many many more!!Continue to get well, we miss you at Calvary..God bless you and your family…waiting to hear from the rest of the men of cloth!!

  12. Pastor Lee thank you thank you thank you. I felt from the beginning that this was a bunch of croc. Mr. Symonette is a seasoned business man for him to say that he did not read the article if it is so is down right disgraceful. Was he so hurry to agree with something that he did not know what it contained? Wow how did he manage to be in business so long if this is his practice. It seems that when you speak out against this Homosexual agenda, you are called all sorts of names in order for you to change your stance. Homosexuality is not only against the laws of God, but biologically wrong. Sexual activity was designed for a man and a woman. The man gives, the woman receive. No matter how this gay agenda is being pushed, they cant change God’s law or that of nature.

  13. I would really like to hear from Father Cartwright, Rev. Simeon Hall, Pastor Wennith Davis, Bishop Neil Ellis, Pastor Myles Munroe.

    Also, The Anglican Bishop, the Catholic Bishop, The Adventist Leader….where are spiritual leaders.

    • Come to BFM on Sunday where Pastor Myles will preach his second part sermon on this matter (he did the first last Sunday).

  14. Following is a follow-up correction to the above letter. I have not seen it in any of the dailies thus far.

    “Dear Editor: Thank you for publishing my previous letter re. my response to the Hon. Brent Symonette’s statement re. the UN’s resolution with reference to “The Bahamas Backs Gay Rights.” I erroneously stated that he had “voted” for the resolution. This is incorrect, as the Bahamas is not a voting member of the UN. I should have said that Mr. Symonette agreed with the resolution. I would appreciate your publishing this correction and thank you in advance for your graciousness in doing so.

    Allan R. Lee [citizen]


    • Dear Pastor as you know we are the ONLY VOICE OF THE PEOPLE! Well, not the only on, but fair ones in media.We let our critics speak [Those who are respectful], and we let those who are not so critical. I suspect, the letter is shredded in some garbage tin. When they see it here and find out that over 300,000 plus persons from around the world read it, they will find the ink to place it.

      THEY ARE WUTLESS! Keep it up!


  15. Dear Pastor Lee:

    I thank you so much for your faithful work in Christian Education to the people of The Bahamas and for taking the time to pen this important response.

    Your name and your deeds will be accorded a place of honour in the history of this nation.

    May God continue to bless you and restore your strength, as the battle for the soul of our Bahamas is raging.


    Phillippa Lady Russell

  16. Amen to that,Pastor Lee.I totally agree with your very fine letter. We cannot allow the U.N. or the FNM or the PLP to legalize gay marriage;or to promote this evil lifestyle in this country.It is immoral and evil.It is also very unhealthy.Thank you again for standing up for the Christian faith and the Word of God.We need more men of God like you,sir.

  17. I dont know why Pastor Allen Lee is shocked by this.

    This same FNM party had its leader go off to the US when the Bahamas’ financial industry was blacklisted and faxed a set of laws for the parliament to pass.

    No one in the FNM party even had the balls to ask the PM how he was able to produce such complex legalization on short notice or where was its source and at the end of the day, the Bahamas passed a set of financial laws that was drawn up by the Americans that hurt the financial industry here and made interactions in commercial banking more onerous.

    Now these same FNMs made a decision for the country without consultation when they knew full well the country would be against it.

    This government voted for discrimination against gay people, which we all know is a guise for the gay agenda!

    The silence from some Pastors in view of this decision by the FNM is deafening. I am still waiting to hear Mr Big Mouth Bishop on the highway, and the head of that church who have that big cathedral on East St.

    Some of these guys are so compromised, that even if they want to object to what the government did they cant!

    • Firstly, I want to applaud Pastor Allen Lee, for speaking out, not only as a pastor but, as a Bahamian who cherish the values that we have been taught over the years, as Bahamians growing up, knowing right from wrong.

      Every thing in nature tells us that the homosexual lifestyle is against every common sense and from a human health prospective, is unhealthy and sullied. Further, it is without question, very obvious that this government has, made a pact and is sleeping with the enemy, so to speak. I take this view from several prospective.

      The current Prime Minister was once an agent of the American Government; we then elected him to be Prime Minister of the Bahamas. He committed ‘treason’ against his own people, yet we laid down our cloaks, and palm branches for him to, not only be elected the first time and served two terms but, cried Hosanna when he returned with a slogan, ‘It’s A Matter Of Trust’.

      And now, his deputy has taken an immoral position, against everything we have stood and still does stand for (so I think), yet, as Altec says above, ‘the silence is deafening’ from the church leaders like Simeon Hall and the Church of God of Prophecy on East Street. And, the general populace at large has said nothing. Is it because they’re afraid of victimization? Or, is it that, they are ‘one again’ waiting for political handouts prior to the next general election.

      No, emphatically, Brent Symonett, is not fit to lead this nation. He is morally debased all around. Look at the road work; who is getting all the fringe benefits from these multimillion contracts? As one noted attorney and QC said the other day, ‘Brent Symonette, because of his position, is at least $50 million richer over the last 4 years. His election was nothing more than a farce. He is only there to make sure that the Prime Minister keep to his word and award them the contracts, perks and handouts that they paid for to have them (FNM) reelected to power.

      Pastor Lee made some very poignant points and I support every one. What is missing here however, is the fact that they were again, guided by agents of the U.S. government, to see to it that the Perry Christie did not live up to his promise to share the wealth of this nation because, the U.S. does not want Bahamians to poses all that wealth. Not these black people.

      My intentions here is not to show up any thing these people are doing but, to agree with Pastor Lee and to piggy back on a couple of Altec comments but, more importantly to show that, Brent Symonette is being paid for carrying out an agenda, looking after the white knights money and to confirm that political promises are kept. His immoral, debased, uncaring for our spiritual values have been present in him ever since; he is only displaying what he always was and thought about black Bahamians. His position is simply allowing him a platform to expose himself.

      Be not alarm my people. We are like Israel of old. We disobeyed God’s laws, elected leaders who have no respect for Godly Principles and who could care less about our Spiritual values. Now we suffer the consequences. But, God hasn’t forgotten His people, and I’m not trying to be or sound religious, because I’m not, I just showing that there is a Just God, who will remedy the ills of this land.

      Thanks for the opportunity to share.
      God Bless Our Bahama land, and God bless the Bahamian People.

      • @ Terra Sanctus

        Thank you for sharing your faith. I’m reading you at a time when my heart is heavy and my eyes are full of tears for the hardship being experienced by my family and friends in Grand Bahama.

        I saw a background shot of Freeport’s International Bazaar last evening on the ZNS TV 13 News report and there was not a soul in the shot – not one tourist nor any residents engaged in the process of living, shopping, dining, etc.,
        A dead, failed, lifeless economy was shown as the painfull reality visited upon a disobedient people.

        Although I was given an opportunity to comfortably depart Freeport following the two devastating hurricanes of 2004, I had maintained a hope of returning as soon as there were signs of an economic revival.

        However, I am realizing that a spiritual revival must precede any great social or economic change in our nation but the deafening silence from so many of our religious leaders is worrisome.

        Thank you again for reminding me of God’s ability, as I fully agree with your enthusiastic vote of confidence in our God, who has never failed us.

        God bless you!

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