Pastor to get shipped out of family island for behaving badly in sexual lockdowns…

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NASSAU| BP is learning a pastor in a local family island church is headed once again out of the country after serious allegations have surfaced about the cleric.

Sources tell us the pastor can’t keep his pants on and, like Eve in the garden, he has been haunted by his sins of the past. Anyway, BP had some words for the pastor before, who back then fled the country using the excuse of academic studies.

But after sneaking back into the country, the thorn in the flesh of the minister has gotten worse. Faced with the lockdown and curfew measures in place, the pastor got bold and was caught hanging with his “Sweet Thing”! Boy, this is something – IF BP TELL YINNER WHAT GONE DOWN YOU TOO WOULD WALK ON WATER!

We are learning senior pastors have taken hold of the situation before all hell breaks loose in the local historic church on the beautiful island.

This time, we understand, the pastor has been ordered to pack his bags, grab hold of his wife and get ready for Siberia. The senior clerics are not playing with the rogue pastor this time, a man who would do absolutely anything to dabble and play-up in sin!

We report yinner decide!