Double Homicide in Rock Sound Eleuthera this evening…


Homicides #58th and 59th homicides for the year – Jameric Green and his one year old child are victims…

Beautiful Rock Sound Eleuthera.

UPDATE 11PM: Both children taken have been found alive and well!

ROCK SOUND, Eleuthera| Police are right now getting ready to dispatch a sweep team to arrive on the ground in Eleuthera to organize a search party for gunman after two children were missing and a man and his one year old were murdered.

Sources on the ground tell us the male victim in that fatal shooting are Jameric Green and his one year old child!

A gunman ambushed the Green family by jumping out of bushes, the man’s wife managed to escape. However, her husband and toddler were instantly killed by gunfire.

We can tell you the shooting unfolded late afternoon on Saturday. Two other children were left in the vehicle when the shooting occurred as their mother fled the scene out of the car they were all in.

Police did not report the missing children as the incident unfolded, and from what we know the shooter took the vehicle with the remaining kids inside.

Green, who was shot dead is a known gun runner on the island.

This incident records the 58th and 59th homicides for the year. It is also the 4th homicide in just five days and yet officials back their narrative that crime is down! Yip – it’s down in Eleuthera tonight!

We report yinner decide!