Paul Maynard should be fired from BEC Immediately!


Union Boss and ex-con Cuss Miller on NATIONAL TV! Listen to this man hold the country hostage! Where is URCA?

Paul Maynard served time in the US Jail for Drugs!

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas Press is calling for the termination of BEC Union President Paul Maynard following his gangster tactics at BEC.

This week the former US prisoner called the corporation Chairman Leslie Miller a “Jackass” on National TV! Where was URCA?

While the ‘churrin’ was watching and eating dinner Maynard loosed his tongue and literally cuss out the Chairman on National Radio and TV.

Maynard, who served time in the United States of America following a conviction, was first hired by BEC by Miller and rose up through the ranks of the corporation.

The ex-criminal is the son of Dud Maynard, the same man who took all the keys at the Hospital many years ago and held the country hostage in that department.

Bahamas Press believes the time has come to fire the ex-con who executives advised not to be hired in the first place! Criminals should not be on the public payroll. They should not be allowed to threaten a country! But more importantly they should never be allowed to operate like ISIS and hold the Bahamas hostage by the click of the switch! Something must be dangerously wrong with that!

Fire Paul Maynard TODAY!!! THIS IS TREASON!!!!

We report yinner decide!