Pensioner water disconnected by WSC even after the mother suffers a stroke in the pandemic!


NASSAU| Untold suffering is happening to the Bahamian people as the UNRIGHTEOUS/GODLESS FNM Government creates more hardship for the people.

News coming to BP confirms a woman – in a historic over the hill community – had her water supply disconnected in during pandemic.

The mother we understand is a pensioner with one daughter who is also unemployed at this most difficult chapter in the economic history of the world.

We understand the pensioner, who recently suffered a massive stoke that crippled her, has left her unable to go to the government pump. The woman’s water supply was recently disconnected by WSC.

Now we are not blaming the Chairman for this, but we point blame by some rogue manager at WSC, who supports the chairman. The manager flatly denied a reconnection to the home even after the family came up with 1/3 of the $700 owing on the bill, which is standard. These people are playing a nasty game of politics with water.

Bahamas Press is calling on operators of WSC to have a heart and find a soul for the mother. The elderly woman has already given her service to the country! Mr Chairman Adrian Gibson show this mother as you have shown the people of Long Island that this policy at WSC is not your creation against the poor!

Turn the woman water on please! It’s a pandemic! And if you have a soul that manager in reconnections should face reprimand for the ill-treatment of pensioners in the country! And remember its is the pensioner who does vote!