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<<< Carl Bethel, Chairman of the FNM.

Nassau, Bahamas — There is one dumb argument raging in the media these days about who paid and who cannot pay their Internet bill. The quarrel all began when Carl ‘Undernourished’ Bethel issued a press statement suggesting that the PLP’s WUTLESS webmaster failed to keep the website operational.

The PLP on the other hand, like children in a kindergarten school retaliated with a slap back at the FNM first denying the claims and then this week stated that they did an investigation and found out that the FNM was the same predicament.

The tit for tat exercise must be wearying to the voters who now have less than 15 months to decide who will be the next government of the Bahamas. The crossfire we find petty and grossly disturbing. Bahamians could care less if the PLP or FNM site is up or down. They are rarely updated anyway and lack any new insight to the real change needed to take the country forward.

None of the websites address the fact that since 2007 more than 2,500 temporary workers on the government’s payroll had been abruptly dismissed.

They discuss nothing about how over 5,000 homeowners are offline from BEC because they cannot afford to pay rising electricity costs. Nor are they discussing the energy hike now proposed for BEC, which will cripple the poor.

They mention not a damn word about how the gas tax slapped on automobile owners is rising like the swell of oil leaking into the ocean in the Gulf, delivering greater hardship to the Bahamian people.

None address the deadly crime wave gripping the country from a petty thief to home invasions. From scuffles in schools to murder in the classrooms and from open fisticuffs to police ganging a young 21 year old boy leaving him to die in the intensive care unit.

None of the websites address a solution to stem the approaching $4 billion grave of bills the people have been buried in; burrowed money mounting on generations unborn, a tightening noose around the neck of infants wondering how in the hell we got into the world and jammed in this mess.

Hungry belly don’t give a damn about websites!

To the PLP and FNM, the people in this country can careless whether any of you pay your bills, the question is whether or not you can be trusted to fix the state of the country and if you cannot then GET YA YOU_KNOW_WHAT OUT OF POLITICS!

We want CHANGE not BULL****!


  1. BP, I was referring to you comment “they are rarely updated anyway…” and then you started your riff on what the sites don’t do. You said it, it’s there but you don’t owe me anything BP, otherwise we would be like carl and Bradley rowing over insignificant things.

  2. Out of 300 numerators I only saw one male in the midst, why are there soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many females on this task force that pledged to bind to strict secrecy to cover and hide the true numbers of illegal migrant invaders that dominate the Bahamian landscape, to benefit politicians and the elite. When are we the people going to get transparent numbers of the Bahamas population from obvious crooked politicians, who are driven by special interest groups whose objective is to disenfranchise Bahamian citizens, by displacing them for any other nationality especially Haitian, when is this madness from wicked politicians come to an end, and the right persons be put in place to protect endangered species THE BAHAMIAN CITIZEN FROM THIS CORROSIVE SOCIETY CREATED BY CORRUPT POLITICIANS FILLED WITH HEARTS OF REPUGNANCY, DESTAIN AND SPITE. WE NEED OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THIS OBVIOUS PIRACY. “Pirates Expel, Commerce Restore” is what we need in Bahamaland today to return to our former glory, and live the Bahamian Dream, the nightmare that we are now in, must come to an end, for the sake of the unborn Bahamian. I know beneath the smile of the Queen of England there is a frown when she see how quickly Black Bahamian politicians squander a British Crown Territory, to illegal Haitian fugitives, England removed the pirates before and She will surely will not hesitate to do it again. These niggars who constantly erode British territory will cost all of us to suffer if the present trend isn’t reversed…

  3. Mr. Admin
    With the high percentage of unemployment in Grand bahama why is the Governmen using civil servents to be numerators. Ninety five percent out of the 300 numerators in Grand Bahama is workin in diffrent Government department in you have teacher , road traffic, tourism ,labour department and other area. Why didnt the Government called those unemployed Grand Bahamain who is not working. The Labour Departmen alreday have information on those Bahamaian who is not working
    When will the teachers have time to teach and do the work off a numerators. With over 25,000 Bahmain out off work I am sure the Government could have found 2,000 of the unemployed to be numerators.

  4. BP, the joke is that they both do this all the time. Go after the frivilous while big issues are ignored. Probably because the frivilous are those that are easiest to deal with.

    BP whats sad is that while they boast of their nice, basically mirror image party sites, they preside over terrible government sites.

    Why dont they talk about how they are going to fix all of the poorly looking sites that I could have my little nephew put together in Word. is slow or doesnt work. The links go no where. There is NOTHING useful on there, except for the laws section.

    Imagine an investor trying to invest in the Bahamas and want to go on the Bahamas Govt website for info. The info *may* be there but a) its slow as mollasses and b) it looks dredfully afwul.

    The budget has been over a billion dolalrs for the past few years. I am sure youcould find some X thousands of dollars could have been found to upgrade all of the department sites.

    Money could be saved by providing online services, at a cheaper cost, less overhead for certain things and money can be earned by making the Bahamas a bit more attractive to outsiders condsidering investing.

    …sigh…one day we’ll get there aye BP?

  5. Only God knows what is happening in school these days,however let one think he or she is fool enough to mess with my son or daughter in that manner I will be making the HEADLINES

  6. lolo lolo Carl is trying to grab the limelight from his successor in Education who daily by his positive actions is showing just how lousy a Minister Carl was.Carl is on the verge of being fired again as Johnley said on Jeffreys talk show yesterdat that it remains to be seen if the elevation of Carl to the post of Chairman is a good move for the FNM.Carl is hearing the barks of the as the FNM gets closer to convention.

  7. I am in shock over the amount of effort Carl Bethel is putting into this issue. He all over Facebook cussing people out for this when there are more pressing issues facing the people every day. I know he might be upset because his favourite website was down for a couple of hours but damn. i guess he have plenty extra time on his hands since Papa fire him.

    If he had put this much concern and effort into the Ministry of Education, he might still be a Minister.

  8. Rodney, we never said they are not updated we said how they fail to address the pressing solutions necessary to take the country forward. When last you read on the FNM or PLP website the solutions on CRIME, UNEMPLOYMENT or the llike. ]

    When you find it send BP readers a post on here so we can retract our comments and eat our humble pie.


  9. BP, this article again shows why you have to keep your personal issues to yourself and do what you like to brag about doing: report the news. The political party websites are updated on a regular basis. I know because I check them both before i check BP because i want to know what the PLP said, what the FNM said and what you said. They are not blogs like BP. They are websites and anytime someone makes a statement or speak in the House of Assembly, they are posted fairly quickly by both sites. The sites do not write comments, they are only the tools so if you want to blame someone for the lack of stories that you deem important, then you should blame the chairmen because they run these sites, not webmasters. Also, I think you comparing apples and oranges with the example you gave. BP is a blog that can comment on whatever it likes and your stories take on new life because we can comment on them. Nothing on the political party websites are open to comments plus its not really in their interest to write on these things.

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