People helping people…BDM comes to the rescue for Grand Bahamians



Hundreds queued at the International Bazaar in Freeport to collect care food packages from the BDM leader, Cassius Stuart. The BDM leader was on the ground on that island assisting where he could struggling Bahamians left unemployed and hard-pressed by the WUTLESS Ingraham Government, which STOPPED, REVIEWED and CANCELLED THE DREAMS OF Grand Bahama. Unemployment on the island is approaching 30%.

StuartFreeport, Grand Bahama – Members of the Bahamas Democratic Movement’s (BDM) held a food drive on Saturday 20th, 2009, at the International Bazaar in Freeport Grand Bahama.

Knowing that the need in Grand Bahama is great BDM organizers saw it fitting to play a role in helping the people of Grand Bahama left neglected by the FNMs and PLPs.

The BDM is organizing themselves to  play its little part in the alleviation of suffering where it is possible. Through generous donations the BDM was able to provide hundreds of families with food care packages. The gesture was warmly received by all and the joy in giving was experienced.

Long lines queued throughout the Bazaar all throughout the day.


Unemployed Grand Bahamians battle cold temperatures to collect food care packages from members of the Bahamas Democratic Movement on Saturday. Photos by BDM public Relations Committee.


  1. I saw the people on line, and it hurt my heart to see the babies, young and old waiting for something to eat. You had to be there to understand the need of the people. This is the only party that steps in to help the people in the time of need. For what ever reason they are doing this it helps the people of GB. My question is where is the PLP and the Government of the day (FNM), why can they help. I now Know where my vote will go as a young Bahamian that’s the new third party(BDM).By the way 25 of my friends say they will do the same thing, It is are right. We are not die hard PLP or FNM. By the way do not sleep on the young people in the Bahamas.

  2. Hard head , you need to read and look before  you blog. Can you see they went door to door also, we as a people needs to start thinking outside  the box. How do know that these people did not need the food, judge not and less ye be judge.

  3. bah-humbug.  They gotta do a little more than this to convince me it’s more than an election ploy.   Besides, there are alot of people in the picture who really do not need the items.  Those people are full of pride and did not come for handouts.   Want some election points?  Go through the communities and see the people who are really hurting who can’t walk or afford to catch a bus to the bazaar to pick up the basket.

    • Hard head , you need to read and look before  you blog. Can you see they went door to door also, we as a people needs to start thinking outside  the box. How do know that these people did not need the food, judge not and less ye be judge.

  4. what ever the reason is, it is needed…those people in the pics are obviously desperate…reminds me of my time there during the Hurricanes…otherwise, the BDM is not a viable third option…they are basically just headline grabbers…CDR was never viable either and i really don’t know y their name continues to come up

  5. Like I said before, I hope BDM is doing this from the goodness of their hearts and isn’t looking for anything in return. If they are doing this with any expectations in mind, I could tell them right now, they will be disappointed. I see plenty politicians give away money, refrigerators, front room set and even find the people jobs and the people still turn around and voted for whoever they wanted. Don’t expect them to tell you no, if they aint planning on voting for you, they would take whatever you offering, but just know these people aint no true members.

  6. The problem in grandbahama  is the hawksbill creek agreement which in essence is private legislation to benefit the same (private interest) with the hope that the city of freeport is developed as the powers that be cream of the top……..government should repeal this act and carry out their duties as it pertains to meeting the needs of the people the people look like katrina victims.all this from 1967 majority rule still minority stake hmmm

    • Tink we Fool, from what i have been told the HCA is unconstitutional, but we dont have activist lawyers in this country to challenge this agreement. The Port Authority is basically a mini government.

      That agreement is bad and and we know it because since then no government has sought investors to replicate anything close to the HCA!

      • @Altec yeah the legislation is fataly flawed in many aspect the problem would be bank roling the challenge these are potential coa arguments and then privy perhaps instucting silks will be costly this is also the position with the gambling prohibition as pertains locals

  7. Just what we need, another handout party!Yes, the people need assistance, but make no mistake, the BDM is looking to be relevant, and will use the same tools for election as the PLP/FNM.Which will get us nowhere, espcially if the BDM is populated by disgruntled former others!

  8. Is this the Island that has five Govt representatives?Is this the Island that persons at the recent FNM convention say was not hurting?Is this the Island that has three Cabinet Ministers?Of course the BDM expects something in return and from looking at the photos of the desperate faces ,more help is needed right away.GB is fertile ground for a third party and its so hurtful to see that lack of food and other provisions has turned a once prosperous and proud Island into a breadbasket case, 

  9. @ all bloggersthis is just another set of exploitation of the poor first the hiatian now the economically challenged photo ops pretty smiles and charm……give if ya giving but dont look fah nuttin in return not even publicity!!!!!!!!other than dat cassius has a good heart so i wish him well

  10. Altec your not UNDERSTANDING my words… I said BDM or ANY other party. Whether its 242, BDM, CDR, UBP any other party which has the ingredients can easily shake up FNMs and PLPs. YOU WAS THE SAME PERSON WHO SAID I MUST’VE been crazy to say that ANY other third party could easily be successful. IT WAS YOU…. now you want try switch up ya mouth… SAVE DAT FOR PERRY CHRISTIE. Like Ingraham said “Christie is a Tawker… Im a Do’er” and “Ya cant take Christie’s notes but you can take His (Hubert A. Ingraham) to the BANK”.  Did Paul Moss, Bernard Nottage, Alfred Gray all made some SORT of statements admitting that Perry Christie flaw was not being AGGRESSIVE… Why cant you man/woman up and admit it.

  11. I dont remember which fool laughed at me when i said a third part could emerge and be successful. Either it was Altec or Russell Johnson…. Die Hard PLP’s who dont want compromise but rather complain but was silent in 02 to 07 when Perry made so much mistakes. The FNM is messing up and the plp messed up too. Therefore for CIVILISED PEOPLE  who are not diehard plps or fnms could mke this a party to watch out

    • (I am lifiting my self imposed ban on responding to BahamasYouth to respond to his ill informed comment about the BDM.)

      You think the BDM is a “party to watch out” for? Really? You think the BDM can “have success?” really?

      BahamasYouth you have said some dumb, stupid, ill informed things before on this site, but this comment by you has to be in your top 5 ill informed things you have said.

      The BDM is NOT a serious 3rd party. You want a serious 3rd party, then mention the CDR. But there is now way you can mention the BDM as a serious 3rd party or a party to watch out for.


      What have they done that has you convinced that they are a party to “watch out for?” Tell me BahamasYouth. They give some aid to some folks in Freeport and that has you convinced that they are a party to watch out for? Boy you gullible bad aye!

      If you think the BDM is a serious 3rd party and a party to watch out for, then why are still FNM? You are so disingenuous. You are as die hard an FNM as there is.

      The BDM has been around for almost 15yrs and have contested 2 general elections and in both elections all of their candidates lost their deposits, and only one of their candidates has gotten over 100 votes in any of the constituencies they ran in and that was Cassuis.

      BahamasYouth, how old are you? As i have said before about you, your knowledge only seems to go as far as 2007. You probably was a baby when the BDM was formed almost 15 years ago.

      You are one of the most ill informed and least knowledgeable posters on this blog. There is no depth of knowledge in anything you post. Its just surface fluff. Please think before you post.

      Your props of the BDM is either fake or you are just that ill informed. I think you are just that ill informed.

      (i now resume my self imposed ban of not responding to the bag of hot air known as BahamasYouth)

      • Altec, you should really simmer down. Anytime a new group of concerned people be it a politcal party or whomever you tend to believe that something is not right with that group. Who made you God, judge and jury. I am glad that web sites like this exist so that one can read comments from people with no class like you. YOU ARE NOT AN INTELLIGENT PERSON!!!! GOT IT!!!When was the last time you put together $10,000 worth of food, put it on a mail boat and sent it to a family island to assist the people in need their. Shut you mouth before you bite your tongue off.  It is obvious from your email you are a top of the line idiot with absolutely no brains or understanding of the word HUMANITY!Merry Christmas – that is if you can find anything to be merry about!

        • Well seeing that you and BahamasYouth have so much love for the BDM, i am assuming that you two will show your support for them in some form or fashion other than defending them, cause God knows, they need the help.

          If you want to be a serious third party you can just show up in communities because an early election maybe looming.

          The people of GB didnt just start hurting. Where was the BDM, the PLP and the FNM for that matter after the hurricanes that devestated GB? GB still hasnt fully recovered from those storms. Where were they early in the year when FPL was cutting of lights left right and center? When the two hotels closed their doors where were they?

          Why now? Did the BDM just notice GB was hurting? Really? There are some communities in Nassau that are hurting just as bad GB. So i ask again, considering how longggggggg GB has been down and out, why now? Had they been consistently doing things like this i would applaud them, but see that election fever is in the air, sorry i dont buy the BDM sudden case of altruism.

          In the 2 elections the BDM has contested they have been soundly, SOUNDLY rejected. When members of the BDM began questioning Cassius Stewart’s leadership, those who did were shown the door!

          Sadly, the BDM will be in for another cut behind when HAI rings the bell. And after a third straight beat down, i wont be surprised if Cassuis steps down and joins another party and the BDM folds.

          You want to be a viable strong 3rd party in this country then you need to have a good leader, a good platform, know how to get your message out, political savy leadership team and couple hundred thousand dollars to start out with.


          But you and BahamasYouth can stay fool. When the general election bell ring watch the Bahamian people reject the BDM AGAIN! But knowing the wishy washness of you and BahamasYouth I fully expect you two to change your tone in a few weeks.

  12. This is the only seat another political party can win if they show the citizens of Grand Bahama they gat their back

  13. It is always better to gave than to receive. This was definitely a kind gesture from BDM and once this was done from the goodness of their hearts and without any motives or expectations, I believe that  God will bless their efforts.

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