People killing themselves are tired of this miserable life with HUBERT


bildell<<< A suicide drill at a public school. Every time Ingraham goes to parliament and burrow money, he’s placing your child under a tight, TIGHT noose. The people we TRUST are enslaving the young of this country. Bahamas We Need Change!  (file photo)

Nassau, The Bahamas — There was a time in The Bahamas when suicide happened once every 20 years, but not so today. Today in the Bahamas police are classifying deaths as suicide every 20 hours. All in all, Bahamians are getting tired of this miserable life, a life becoming more and more difficult for Bahamians thanks to Hurricane Hubert.

NEMA is talking about Hurricane readiness. We at Bahamas Press know of a category 7 already here, and his name is Hurricane Hubert. Now beating down on the islands of the Bahamas, killing men, women and child!

Ingraham’s victimizing policies are leaving scores of Bahamians hanging from ropes all across this country. Some of the latest suicide victims were found hanging from trees, some in closets, some in the bathroom, some from the stairways leading to the bedrooms, one in the churchyard and one recently inside a small security booth.

From schoolboys to pastors, to marriage councilors, to faithful church members all are now committing suicide here in The Bahamas! But why is this happening? WHY? There has been recently an incident where one hung himself whilst in the custody of police. The teenager had just completed a police interrogation.

Never in the history of this country has Bahamians seen so many people taking their own life in 6 short months, the number is STAGGERING. This is amazing for a ‘so call’ Christian nation. This sounds like a nation under the a gale force wind of the DEVIL! The rise in suicides, are a direct result of Hubert’s policies and rash decisions, which are oppressing this people:come-ingraham

• More than 2,500 public servants dismissed, retired, made redundant or contracts not renewed in the public service. Ingraham FIRED them all as promised!

• Some 5,200 residential consumers at BEC lights were turned off due to an Ingraham Cabinet decision to have them turned off.

• Billions of dollars in development contracts on islands all across the country were REVIEWED, STOPPED and CANCELED by Ingraham.

• The cancellation of Carifesta 2008, a world cultural event for the country. Ingraham ignored THE CULTURAL COMMUNITY!

• Ingraham and no one else, has delivered the largest TAX INCREASE on the POOR of this country. The largest ever in our history, where some 160,000 items were increased in 2008. (E.g. PENCILS, Pens, texts books, shirts, and underclothes) Taxes were also increased on the BIBLE, yet not a preacher said a word about the Devil’s actions against them! NOT ONE PROTEST!

Baylor March• Created UNPRECEDENTED LEVELS of borrowing in the history of The Bahamas. First with $78 million, then $110 million, then $130 million, then $50 million, then another $200 million from China, now $550 Million for BEC? All done in an effort to enslave our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren for years to come. Hurricane Hubert is selling out the very birthrights of the unborn of this country! And where are the voices of the mothers and fathers of these same children?

• Hubert oversaw unemployment levels increase from 6.5% to 12.1% in two short years.

• Hotels in the north and smaller ones in the south saw closures and with thousands sent home.

• Let’s not forget, Ingraham as minister of finance, has delivered this year ALONE, 2009, the largest deficit ever seen in the HISTORY OF THE BAHAMAS, $422 million.

• Young boys getting sodomized for food by teachers, according to Carl Bethel and police are dragging their feet to capture pedophiles.lambus-325x5001

No wonder Bahamians young and old are looking for the wire, the rope, the belt, the pants string and the GUN! They are tired of this MISERABLE LIFE UNDER HUBERT! They cannot feed their families. They have no job, some no shelter, and many more no hope. And while this goes on, Ingraham often speaks about selling everything left owned by the people of this country [BEC and BTC].

The way Hubert Ingraham has treated Bahamians reminds us of a story. One where the father became tired of this miserable life.

He came home late one night after being told he was no longer employed. He walked up to the front door of his home and saw it kicked to the floor. Bloodstains tracked all across the snowy white carpet. Mud tracks were also all through the house. He called out to his wife named NASSAU, she was gasping for her last breathe as a knife stuck piercing out of her chest. He cried for his eldest daughter FREEPORT, and she was already dead flat on her back, raped by the intruder they trusted inside as a delivery boy! He cried screaming for his youngest daughter BIMINI; she was missing. And he then hollered for his son EIGHT MILE ROCK, he too was hanging dead from a rope in the closet, sodomized by the attacker. The father lost his entire family that night. It was like a hurricane had passed through his house that evening. There he froze and slid his back to the wall, took out his Winchester and fatally shot himself. His name was Bahamas.

Before he killed himself, however, he wrote a note to the Prime Minister, which simply said, “THANKS HUBERT THANKS, you’ve done it again!”


  1. That’s what they tell us, the boy who died in police custody killed himself, but they will never and I repeat never get me to believe it in a million years. In any event there are just too many persons taken there own lives for so many strange reasons. I have to admit I never used to hear about so many suicides until recently. People use to lose their spouse or a member of their family and it was only natural for them to be depressed about it. They would grieve for a while, sometimes years, but they never used to take extreme measures like taking their own lives. I believe the condition of the economy played a major role in some of these suicide incidents. Maybe the person who died used to help out with the bills and now everything falls on the shoulder of the person who is left behind and they feel like it is just too much pressure for them and they view suicide as their best option. Whatever the reasons are, killing yourself is not the answer.

  2. @Trinity
    That’s the reason why I said what I said to Media the other day… He has me confused when he talks about this change that must come and he continues to push for HI to be returned as PM knowing how afraid his MPs are of him…

    Now I know Media used to say that there are several writers for this site but these articles are far left one day and far right the other!!

    I would understand if BP says that the BDM or the NDP will become the new govt even if it’s just a pipe dream!!!

  3. Here we go again when are we going to stop using tradgedies such as these to bash the government.It was noted that the gentleman was depressed because of the death of his wife.Still we are not satisfied with that explanation so we go on and on rambling about the faults of the government.
    We brag about being a christian nation and the compassion we hold for our fellow man.We really have a funny way of showing it.

  4. Media, last night i was watching ch 40 and as i listened to the MP’s speak i realized that these men and women dont have a clue! They are just repeating the same things over and over!

    If you recorded what was said during the debate on the 2009-2010 budget and compared it with what was said about the 2008-2009 budget i bet you will hear the same things. Come next year, they will repeat everything all over again.

    Our political leaders has no ideas and no courage. Its like they are stuck in a time loop. You are hearing the same things year, after year, after year.

    I realized that many of those men and women in the HOA only want to be in that house for the prestige of being a MP. Thus when they get there its like a dream come true for them and their families but the detrimental part is they bring nothing to the table that will move the county forward!
    Empty barrels makes the most noise!

    I ask you media and my fellow bloggers what issue has been solved by the political leaders in this county since 1992? Crime, immigration, and education has always been the big 3 and they are no where close to being dealt with today.

    Spiritually, emotionally, financially and socially the country is at the edge of the cliff. Pressure everywhere and there is no relief in sight. The Bahamas is broken on every level. I cry for my country and i cry for my people because of the path we are on. A once jewel in the world that was emulated by many in the region is now a shadow of her former self.

  5. You know Media, last week you wrote an article on June 27th entitled “The Big Red Machine is Getting Ready for Battle. Get ready for Retirement Christie.” But today, here is another article addressing the woes of this nation and its primary cause. I dare say that to imply that this so-called “big-red machine” will do anything but cause CO poisoning is laughable. To say that we as Bahamians know all of this, all of the things that we have been put through as a nation, and still go for another term of HAI implies that we are idiots. Of course there are the blind followers. But the blind will lead the blind into a bottomless pit.

  6. Our country is in a quick sand and everybody is just standing around and watching it sink to the bottomless pit.When are we going to realise that we need to pull the BAHAMAS out before it really loses it’s TOP.Pulling it out means getting rid of all those who are a part of causing it to sink and those who are not helping to pull it out!I am convinced that DRASTIC CHANGE is needed in our country and we need change now.
    BP, keep the pressure on cause I really don’t think that this election will happen in 2012,it will be or should be much earlier.ONLY SO MUCH THAT PEOPLE CAN TAKE.
    I am 100% with you BP. CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!

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