Stabbing in Bimini last night tells a serious story about The Bahamas


murder-1.jpg<<<Police guard a murder scene in the country. (file Photo)

Bailey Town, Bimini — The fatal stabbing of a young man on the island confirmed four things about the death of this country. It confirms that police are in the business of spinning information to the public. It confirmed that vigilante justice is alive and well in The Bahamas. It confirms that the healthcare system on the family islands are leaving our citizens lying at the steps of death, and lastly it tells us all that members of the WUTLESS media in this country are not doing their job!

Bahamas Press grabbed Sherlock’s hat on last even as the call arrived confirming that a young man, Vermon Rolle, was murdered on the island of Bimini. The source on the other end of the line never mentioned anything about a suicide. Nor did they say it was an accident. The source detailed how the young man was stabbed in his chest, whilst his attacker ripped the knife through his victim’s stomach, leaving his organs exposed to the elements. The young man was murdered; something the police simply tried to hide from the press in the early morning hours. Yes, they too are in the business of deflecting.

Understanding all this we began to dig, and discovered that Vermon is the twin brother of the late Veron Rolle, who died back in late May this year. Veron was discovered nearby the C.R Walker School on Blue Hill Road with a single fatal stab wound to his chest. Police said they were holding a young girl in her twenties for that murder. Hmmmmm! His twin brother [Vermon], we understand from our deep throat on the RBPF, went to Bimini to see his brother laid to rest. And whilst on Bimini last evening, he was fatally stabbed. Now this is incredible news. Two brothers [Who we understand were known to police] both died in less than one month apart of each other in the same manner. Both murdered, both stabbed, and both were twins. Now this is some news. Could this be a case of someone administering VIGILANTE JUSTICE ON THE BROTHERS? Our deep throat tells us, that is obviously the case here.

Blood is running down in the streets of the country like a mighty stream, and police themselves know they are paralyzed to do anything about it.

Police tell us Vermon met his fate outside Sue and Joy’s Variety Store around 5:30 p.m. Police said he was taken to the local clinic by a private vehicle where he died. But what both the police and members of the WUTLESS MEDIA did not say is this. The boy sat for hours at the island’s clinic and not a single doctor showed up to assist. Another source on the island said they believe the doctor was on the last list of retirees by the government. The nurse, according to sources on the island, never came to the clinic to assist the wounded victim. This tells us that healthcare on the family islands are in the ICU, and is on life support. Residents  are being left dying from simple stab wounds. How can a Tele-medicine system work if no doctor or nurse is ever present at the clinics? The patient was present at the clinic on Wednesday evening, but no physician was on the island.


And finally we have some words for members of the WUTLESS MEDIA as we wrap up. MEDIA DO YOUR JOB! Like Hubert say, “Find ya own lunch money!” Why is it in this country members of the WUTLESS MEDIA in this town wait day after day for the police to tell them what to report? Why day after day the news in this city becomes the news of the RBPF and the courts? And when that isn’t the case, thank goodness for those red ribbon cutting events where food is, cause these WUTLESS people love to go where food can be found!

On Monday 5 managers at NIB were fired and every one in the WUTLESS MEDIA spoke to the director at NIB. NOT ONE NEWSCAST attempted to contact the workers that were dismissed to get their view of the exercise. NOT ONE decided to speak to an employee of the Board. But yet they call themselves the ‘ESTABLISH MEDIA’? Establish my – you know what! Where is the balance reporting? Where is the voice of the people affected in the story at NIB this past Monday? Where is the story from their family? What does their children have to say? And some reports of the NIB saga never included the comments of members of the opposition!

No report Thursday on this Bimini murder carried comments from residents on the island. No comments came from the commissioner or the MP! No reporter asked about the clinic being closed, or whether a doctor was present. NOT ONE MENTIONED OF A SOURCE AS IF THE PEOPLE DOES NOT EXIST. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! WHAT A DAMN SHAME!

The people of this country are demanding persons in media to STEP UP THEIR GAME! What the police or the government gives you is only information. Add it to your own investigation and STOP BEING WUTLESS!



  1. thanks guys just keep the ideas and solutions coming, i know will make a difference. its our time now.

  2. The overhaul of our society is going to take more than superficial changes to our political system. the poison pill of our eventual destruction and degradation is contained in the things we accept as true without regards to the evidence. The disunity created by our religions and politics, fostered by the brainwash education that leaves the people dumb and blind without no knowledge of their ignorance. This is what makes the people and the politicians dangerous to themselves and the country.
    The entire system must be abolished and this is almost impossible with so many involved and believing in it.So we must begin to courageously plant seeds of doubt about religion/politics and their leaders. Read up on things to suggest to the people when they spew ignorace and blind loyalty to party or religious doctrines. Know that misguided and delusional friends are worse than enemies. Stop respecting others opinions when you know they are dead wrong. Call them out for the fools they are and show they why if they will listen. But they won’t because narrow self interest rules their intellect and their values.

  3. I am hopeful that persons at the Ministry of Tourism are reading this story and putting in place strategies to minimise any negative affects.A word about responsibility as I knew as a child growing up the elder siblings had to ensure that the actions of we the younger ones were compatible with our upbringing.Therefore anything negative taking place in our country is the responsibility of the Govt.If bashing is what they react to then more power to us.I remember HAI coining the word wuthless in describing the state of the judiciary under Christie when only 89 persons were on bail for MURDER.I have waited with baited breath to see what would have been done to alleviate the situation.Low and behold we now have over 200 persons on bail for MURDER.I shall close by calling HAI WUTHLESS since we now 3 times the amount he originally complained about.Are murderers getting a cue that you can commit MURDER and get bail within a few weeks?Hire more judges and lay Magistrates and let us cut down on the backlog.I do not want any person who has been involved actively in politics at any time during the past four yrs nominated to be the Chief Justice.This is not the time for partisan politics in nominating the next Chief Justice.

  4. @media
    The idea of posting is for others to know what is on your mind without fear of repercussions. BP has done a good job of letting the people know what is going on. It is up to us how we deal with the information. Bahamians are known for straight talk, but only behind closed doors. When it comes to acting we back off because of our political history of victimisation. BP does not appear to be afraid of being victimised and brings it to us straight whether we like or not which is more than can be said about Z(ero)News Station and the others who give news only for its entertainment value. The people of this country are crying out for proper representation and justice which they feel they are not getting so they are now taking matters into their own hands. The police are always on ZNS giving advice but you cannot see a uniform patrolling the streets. Many people have no respect for authority anymore because of the dirt they have seen the authorities get away with openly and they or their children are being sent to jail and given police records for minor infractions. I could go on and on but until and unless we as a people come out of denial, get some balls and stand up against corruption and other abuses, the country will continue to deteriorate.

  5. This suppose to be a free country and I feel people ought to be able to speak their minds. One of the things I like most about this blog is it allow you the freedom to express your true feelings. Sometimes the comment made can be very positive as well as negative and I feel if you don’t agree with a comment that another blogger has made you have the choice to ignore it or simple let that person know that you do not agree with them and if you want to you can state the reasons why you beg to differ. People in this country has so many different views and there are time when we all would not agree, but if I believe my views on a issue is the right one and I could help someone to see things differently that means a lot to me. I don’t feel anyone is in the position to dictate the way people should feel or how they should make their comment, we just need to try and learn from each other and help each other. In fact I do find it interesting to see the way some people thinks.

  6. @media
    I am not telling you what you should write or not write, matter of fact I am not telling you anything.Just saying what is on my mind,and you can’t change that.

  7. @tp
    I note your call TP of negative comments on here. Let it be know as we have made the same offer to Joe Blow. Submit what you think the country should be doing and we will post.

    But don’t tell us what we should or should not be writing on here. This is a news BLOG! It speaks to truth. It is fearless and in-your-face. Trust us it will not change. But if you seek some positive commentary, write on a blog written by Larry Smith. Or do a search online; there are millions of websites that speak to a myriad of important topics.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. mashup :you know what? never mind. i give up. i don’t think i can take any more pissing and moaning about how nobody is fair to their side. what hypocrisy. mashup out.

    MASHUP be encouraged, do not let the naysayers discourage you. Many days I feel the same as you and stay away, but I say to myself for the hand full of negative people out there, there are thousands of positive thinkers.This handful of persons are everywhere, they are chronic callers on the talk shows, they dominate the blogs.
    In the end positive, just like the sun will continue to shine.

    Therefore be at peace with God,
    what ever you conceive him to be
    and what ever your labour and aspirations,
    in the noisy confusion of life
    keep peace in your soul,
    with all it sham drudgery and broken dreams
    It is still a beautiful world
    be cheerful
    strive to be happy.

    quotes from the prophet on Desiderata

  9. @ianb
    I could not agree more, we have to stop using this site as a bashing post. There has to be a better way to get our point across than by attack, attack.
    Your reccomendations are some of the best I have read here

  10. @ianb
    Before I begin, I know of a few school that do take students to the prison as well as the AIDS camp. I think the morgue is a bit much. Not everyone can deal with that. That said, I agree with you. We do place blame on others.This country is filled with potential, and I see them everyday too. I see wasted human capital in young men and women that would rather get easy money than to try to secure an honest living. I have a problem with parents that have these kids and know what they are doing and let them do it. You can say what you want, but there is only so much society can impress upon a child. It begins in the homes. It begins in the churches. I have said before that the churches are empty and the clubs are filled. The reality is that there are just some bad parents out there. Also, there are parents that are still children themselves. What can they really inculcate in these children? It is a vicious cycle. I am terribly sad to admit it, but in all honesty the country that you or I grew up in is a distant and faded memory. I will say that anything is possible, so I will try to remain optimistic. At the same time I am a realist. Beyond the parents as far as crime goes, the government made it a really big campaign promise, and I think that’s why people go so hard on them. They said to “TRUST” them, and the people did. How can we not be outraged when Tommy Turnquest made a big stink about the list of criminals being make public knowledge. Wouldn’t you rather know who hangs about your neighborhood, or may go to school with your kids, or whatever? Crime has gotten so bad that Bahamians have become desensitized. That’s when you know the problem is out of control. We have a higher crime rate per capital than Toronto, Ontario which has a polpulation of 2.5 million people. Astonishing!!!

    Solutions: 1)more community policing
    2)curfews for delinquents
    3)we need to stop socially promoting delinquent students. It does more harm than good.

    I can think of others, but I think that is about it for now.

  11. Fellow bloggers for sometime now we all have been in a state of denial. We continue to place the blame on others and not ourselves. Case in point about parenting. We encourage our kids to be the best in everything thing they do, me mold in them, they are better than the rest, We don’t encourage them to work along with each, or to help the next one in class, I remember growing up and walking to school , the bigger children were responsible for us walking the streets and making sure we got to school. Those days are long gone. We are teaching selfishness and greed, its all about me and not about us. Some years ago I wrote to the ministry of education to adopt a program, whereas all public high schools should do a field trip in their last three years of school, to the morgue, Fox Hill Prison and or HIV wards. If this doesn’t change the pattern of behavior, then may God help Us. But to be honest we as parents have fallen down on the job. We are chasing after the mighty dollar trying to keep up with the Joneses . I witness everyday whilst ridding of East street, scores of young and old men just hanging by the bars, as if they are waiting on something. These are the people that are supposed to carry us forward. Fellow bloggers we have lots of good ideas flowing daily on this blog space, lets make sure we use it wisely to come up with ideas and solutions. Too much blaming is not helping or making the problem go away. I suggest that when commenting on anything please post a possible solution, I will read and try to record as much as possible, our nation depends on this.

  12. Joe Blow, I thought better of you.” …Only if we can give them some constructive answers to the country’s problems?” Sorry, we pays them to bring or find answers.

    After reading about how 3 or 4 persons that “wears police uniform” forced a man at gunpoint to an ATM machine and robbed him of $600. (can you believe that).
    And after a man was found in Fox Hill hanging with hands tied and mouth gagged, I am convinced most of the people we thought committed suicide, could have been robbed and murder by a ring of BAD COPS in the Police Forced. I would assure you, had the perpetrators of the murdered victim in Fox removed the gag on the victim’s mouth and hand we all would have thought that was another suicide.
    “TOMMY T” at least you are catching corrupt people who “wears police uniform”
    But you still need to; EARN YOUR PAY! And do something different. CALL SCOTLAND YARD!

  13. A much larger question to be asked and answered is, Why do these young men and women put no value on the lives of others? Why does the criminal element have such protection by society? What is missing in parents’ efforts in raising children? What is the point of the media reporting these actions if there is no recourse, not only for justice, but for rehabilitation or more importantly for proper values being taught and owned by each and everyone of us. Base values ran amuck decades ago and we are reaping now what was sowed by those we tried to emulate and called
    our heroes. Why does the gaining of the “almighty dollar” take the forefront in all we do? Why are we into blaming from a distance and then going about our business as usual? Does blaming HAI, the Media, our neighbour, the police solve anything in the long run? Only if we can give them some constructive answers to the country’s problems and then be ready to support and stand tall while the people we look to, to help us’ try to find the answers. These people are no different then we are, they are just as frustrated as we are, they are crying just as we are, they are afterall cut from the same cloth: they are our BROTHERS!

  14. you know what? never mind. i give up. i don’t think i can take any more pissing and moaning about how nobody is fair to their side. what hypocrisy. mashup out.

  15. i didn’t see any comments from any Bimini residents or any of the family of the fired nib people on this website.
    or did i miss something?

  16. It is sad to think that this young man may have still been alive had he received treatment. I have always heard that health care on the outer islands was terrible, but this is just too much. My goodness, what will it take for these people to take the well-being of Bahamians more seriously?

    The media in this country sicken me. It is their job to provide fair and unbiased news to the Bahamian people. Why is it that we hear mostly about the stories that don’t mean much, but the more important stories are given little attention. The newspapers and so-called journalists are nothing but a bunch of cowards. They ask the easy questions and settle for the ‘text-book’ answers. If you don’t know someone that knows someone, you hardly ever get the truth. Isn’t that sad?

    It’s funny that comment, “find ya own lunch money!” In my opinion, in the last two years, no one in this administration has earned theirs. How about if they take a pay-cut in order to cut some costs? They can afford it, how about that? People are getting laid off everyday and these politicians aren’t earning their pay. I think if the Obama administration could take pay cuts, why can’t these jokers.

  17. Why is it in this country members of the WUTLESS MEDIA in this town wait day after day for the police to tell them what to report? Why day after day the news in this city becomes the news of the RBPF and the courts? And when that isn’t the case, thank goodness for those red ribbon cutting events where food is, cause these WUTLESS people love to go where food can be found!
    No report Thursday on this Bimini murder carried comments from residents on the island. No comments came from the commissioner or the MP! No reporter asked about the clinic being closed, or whether a doctor was present. NOT ONE MENTIONED OF A SOURCE AS IF THE PEOPLE DOES NOT EXIST. THIS IS INCREDIBLE! WHAT A DAMN SHAME!

    Media, is it the reporters who decide what story they want to cover or is it people above them like the news director, who tell them what stories to cover? Like you said, if the politicians or the police dont tell them nothing, they wont have anything to report. The reporters have no initiative at all.

  18. BP, LOL! …Hubert say, “Find ya own lunch money!”
    I would add to that “…EARN YOUR PAY Bahamas!!!”

  19. Lolo imagine that these newspapers and television stations have to be careful about what they say for fear of being victimised by HAI?Thank God for the Internet as one is thus far able to sound off without fear of victimization.I say thus far bcos we see from time to time blind miuce who come her expousing the virtues of things our doing.Here we have a big story on the gateway to the Bahamas and everyone is waiting for Tommy to tell them what to publish.Where is Hulan Hanna ?He has gone very quiet recently and so has ASP Evans who has been gagged for the last fiasco involving the 5 month old baby.The people need to know what is taking place and the failure of the news media is deplorable.Christie better step forward and criticise HAI or for certain at the PLP convention he gone.We need a change from this wuthless press corp and from bumbling politicians.Only some politicians think all is well.We shall see all of them dressed up in suits on a hot Thursday evening to celebrate.It will be interesting to gauge the response from the crowd who assemble at Fort Charlotte for the celebrations.

  20. Everyone seems to be afraid of HI. He is a powerful man who is NOT afraid to use his power!!

    No one wants to do or say anything to anger HI because he has people everywhere!! That’s why the Media does NOT do their jobs BP!!!!

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