People selling food all throughout the offices of Bahamasair as serious issues go unaddressed at the national flag carrier!


NASSAU| Bahamasair is just one of many poorly managed operations in the country and all we can tell you is that something has gone stink inside the management of the national flag carrier.

Since all power has been given to board member Betty Benoit, the national airline has gone to the dogs! Or maybe we should say – TO THE CATS! Let us explain.

While work is being neglected, staff at the offices are allowed to open multiple tuck shops, right inside the offices of the national flag carrier. Everything from coffee to tea to chips and soda are being sold inside departments at the airline while work is being neglected.

Anyone could walk inside Bahamasair’s office and order a sandwich as if they were in Subway and say, “Put some extra lettuce and vinegar on the bread” as if you are in some deli [RIGHT IN THE DAMN OFFICE!]. Some rogue staff are selling sandwiches, some selling snacks and some selling drinks while Bahamasair workload gets neglected! Bahamas Press advises that the airline needs a staffed cafeteria and should behave like a real corporation before a dangerous and bad epidemic of e coli invades the building.

And while this is all happening, let’s consider what is being neglected at the airline?

1)   The office at Bahamasair has a mold issue – Who will address this?

2)   The airline is taking forever to acquire necessary aircraft parts to keep an efficient fleet in the air.

3)   Union reps at the airline are playing politics and are plotting against its own members who are having labour issues by the day!

4)   The lavatory conditions are deplorable with almost little to no tissue inside, no exhaust operating, no soap to sanitize – but yet the people selling sandwiches.

5) Technician not are getting their due overtime – AND THESE THE PEOPLE FIXING THE PLANES!

6) Staff is working in condemned buildings – which for health reasons alone should be evacuated!

7) Just recently, part of the roof fell on an employee’s head – Where is the alarm from the top at Bahamasair to make sure employees work in a safe environment?

8)   And, as we said earlier, while some places have gone to the dogs, Bahamasair has gone to the cats as the cats have had kittens in the building and are allowed to wander and stretch all up and down in the building [and these people selling food inside!]. Maybe there is an unreported rodent problem, too.

This developing situation at the National Flag Carrier is untenable and must be urgently addressed.

These issues have now come to the desk of BP and we ga let yinner decide on who should act.

We report yinner decide!


  1. Can you please make some effort to do proper investigations before posting nonsense that is disguised as truth?
    Betty Benoit is a hardworking and focused individual who has sought to bring order and professionalism to Bahamasair since being posted there a few short months ago.
    Her efforts that included removing tuck shops from all over the offices, have obviously offended some who now seek to discredit her.
    It is unfortunate that those who seek to raise the standards in our workplaces and our country are often publicly humiliated in this manner.
    We as a people need to support and appreciate persons like Mrs. Benoit instead of allowing our petty agendas to discourage them from bravely addressing these vexing issues.

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