Homicide #32 recorded this morning on Bimini – Man shot three times to the chest…


Second homicide in week in Bimini recorded claiming the life of Adrian Duncombe this morning!

Adrian Duncombe

BP BREAKING| BP Is reporting another homicide this morning once again on the island of Bimini.

We can confirm the 32nd homicide victim is, Adrian Duncombe, of Alice Town Bimini.

He was shot multiple times in the chest at his grandmother’s home around 3am this morning.

Police are questioning a young man of Porgy Bay Bimini for the homicide. But is believe that the shooter escaped behind the Anglican Church in a boat following the shooting.

Sources believe the incident was an argument involving drug dealers. Some believe the shooter escaped on a boat to New Providence and is related to one of the men now being questioned by police.

According to investigators there was an argument Duncombe and Francis sometime earlier Saturday evening! The crime comes just following a happier Cooler Fete on the island.

DUNCOMBE however is known to police and has been shot some three times before in other incidents. His father Al Dumcombe was fatally shot sometime back in New Providence.

The home comes just weeks after 47-year-old, Alain Perez, the owner of tourist hotspot Big John’s Bar and Grill in Alice Town was shot and died inside his home.

Perez was a native of Miami-Dade County in Florida. His business has sponsored an annual back-to-school drive on the island for several years. Nothing more has come on the arrest of his killer[s].

Anyway the Police crime plan is working. Crime is down and we are live from Bimini this morning.

We report yinner decide.


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