Woman from Bahamas – Former Probation Officer at Florida Department of Corrections and Test Chair at Norland Senior High School is missing!

41-year-old, Kameela Russell

BP BREAKING| Miami Gardens Police have just updated Bahamas Press to a missing Bahamian woman, who has not been seen since May 15th.

BP can confirm 41-year-old, Kameela Russell, of New Providence but worked at Norland Senior High School as a test chair, has went missing and never showed up to work on Thursday and Friday.

She is a mother of one.

BP is now sending our own alert to all Bahamians residing in Florida and across the UNITED STATES to be on the lookout of this young mother.

She is missing. Her family is worried. The police are concerned. And the foreign office in the Bahamas has yet to give a damn or even make a statement on the matter!

Bahamians must be advised by its FOREIGN OFFICE to these developments!

Russell was once a former Probation Officer at Florida Department of Corrections. She has went missing in the Miami area. She is from the Bahamas.