Percentie was another witness to murder gunned down without protection…WHO KILLED ‘Da Mayor’?


Nassau, Bahamas — A former Chairman in the PLP Marathon Branch and young liberal in the oldest political party was gunned down in a car as he was driven into the Fox Hill Park area last night.

Bahamas Press reports, Neil ‘Da Mayor’ Percentie, a 29-year-old politico and descendant of Harbour Island, was shot multiple times while he sat in the back seat of a white Honda on Davis Street.

Eyewitness on the scene at the time tell us, Percentie along with three women and another male, drove into the community following an evening together.

We are told shots rung out from a high-powered weapon, shattering the back glass of the car, hitting Percentie fatally. However, that’s not all to this breaking story and here’s where it gets interesting.

Police at this hour is questioning one of the female occupants inside the vehicle. The young woman was questioned by police earlier this week in connection to another murder incident. All of a sudden, she appears at this crime scene again.

Sources tell us, the fellow passenger is also a resident of Fox Hill and is believed to be a conspirator to crime happening in the country.

Percentie was to be a Crown Witness in a recent murder, which occurred right here in the capital. Sources tell us he had witnessed an incident in the early part of the year and was prepared to assist the prosecution in the case.

Detectives believe Percentie was lured to the area to learn his fate, and like the scores of witnesses slaughtered on the streets following the dismantling of the Witness Protection Programme, sources tell us, it was just a matter of time.

One criminal gang has murdered some 28 persons known to be at risk to violence on East Street in 2011 a former head of police prosecutions, Keith Bell said. Bell told a television audience on Jones and Co, those murders all occurred after the protection programme was dismantled.

Condolences have poured into the social networks with Senator Jerome Fritzgerald calling the incident a “random act of violence”.

The PLP candidate in the Marathon constituency added, “Neil had a heart of gold and was a man of tremendous spirit and energy.

“He was one of the outstanding community leaders in the Marathon Constituency and hailed from the well respected and community-minded Percentie family of Union Village.

“Today Union Village is in mourning, it has lost one of it’s favourite sons. I am overwhelmed with grief.”

In June of 2010, the national youth chaplain of the Free National Movement, Ricardo “Chappy” Knowles, was discovered dead floating in the harbour. He we believe was also a murdered victim as Chappy was an excellent swimmer. He was owed money from construction work done for a known henchman in the FNM. No investigation was done following the death and the FNM washed over scandal of the monies denied to Chappy.

Neil Percentie is now the 282nd murdered victim since 2009 to die in cold blood on the streets of New Providence.


  1. Maybe We need a national curfew like Trinidad! From work home and shut the town down! anyone out after that should be considered armed and dangerous. Lets weed the criminals out!

  2. Another murder again?when will it end?My heart goes out to this family and i pray your strength as you deal with your loss.we need some serious help in this country,in terms of the amount of murders being commited on our streets and absolutely nothing is being done because all of the murders that are occurring are being done by persons who more likely have done this before.someone needs to hear the crys of the good citizens of the bahamas and really take this problem in hand.I think our judicial system needs take a stand and really say enough is enough and start working to see that murderers go to the gallows.It may not stop murders but at least it will slow down.WE HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY AND THE RELEVENT PERSONS NEED TO TAKE A STAND FOR THESE FAMILIES WHO ARE LOSSING LOVEONES.HELP,HELP,HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HEAR THE CRYS OF THESE FAMILIES.They need someone to listen.PLEASE.

  3. Every year for the last 18 years, we have traveled to the Bahamas. This violence is far too common. Our annual trips will no longer be to your beautiful islands. Your nation now scares us just as much as traveling to Mexico.

  4. Every year for the last 18 years, we have traveled to the Bahamas. This violence is far too common. Our annual trips will no longer be to your beautiful islands. Your nation now scares us just as much as traveling to Mexico.

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