PLP could lose three additional winnable seats in New Providence as Candidates drag their feet


Over 10,000 PLP workers marched with Christie, Davis and Roberts at the Labour Day Parade up East Street this morning.Less than 20 DNA supporters gave water on the side of the road.

Generals in the PLP fight to have BAD CANDIDATE removed from constituency

Nassau, BahamasA bad PLP candidate running in a southern New Providence Constituency got the shock of his life tonight when two generals stormed out of his office swearing to never return again, after he failed to hold a back-to-school event for the children of the community.

Agents connected to Bahamas Press stood outside the walls of the constituency branch, which these days is dead like the Sahara Desert. Our agents report a brawl erupted between 4 constituency generals inside, who are determined to call on the leadership of the Party to recall the ratified candidate from the seat.

Loud shots and ‘vicked’ expletives could be heard outside the room where the meeting took place, and left persons in the surround community amazed at the generals behavior.

One woman began to raise her voice beyond control, “This is why we lost this constituency last election. We lost because we had a bad candidate in the race, and this election coming we have an even ‘wassaer’ candidate,” she said.

Pointing to the stellar examples of PLP leadership like, Leslie ‘Potcake’ Miller, the angry PLP general said, “Take Leslie Miller for example, now das what ya call real MP. That’s a man who cares for people! That’s a man who does act like an MP whether in office or out of office for the Bahamian people.

“My mother live in Leslie’s Constituency and she tell me the Tall Potcake has been to her house and look into her face four times already in the past month. Four times he has been to her yard addressing her concerns and we here playing around with this ‘joker’ who hasn’t seen one person yet! He’s a bad candidate!” the angry general said.

Sources tell us the PLP BAD CANDIDATE is yet to give a report on the state of the constituency to the Party’s leadership and if that says anything the candidate do not intend to do so.

The candidate is said to have deep-rooted connections woven in his gene pool, which connects him to both the PLP and FNM. Some believes he feels he has some entitlement to become an MP and therefore working a constituency is not necessary!

Sources close in the community tell us the candidate is almost invisible in the area with one suggesting, “If as a candidate he is invisible now could you imagine him as an MP?”

Bahamas Press believes the PLP could lose three more winnable seats in New Providence presently held by the FNM MPs. We also believe if the candidates fielded are not quickly organized by November this year, they could forget their deposits.


  1. Just what the PLP don’t need; sad but I am experiencing the same situation in Fort Charlotte;the ratified candidate “PUSSY FOOTING.”

    • The Bahamian people are now well-educated regarding the unsuitablity of candidates who seek Politics solely as a means to improve their personal financial interests or the ego gratification of simply being named Members of Parliament.

      Thre are two clear options:

      Either such Candidates will offer socially acceptable excuses for declining their Nominations and be immediately replaced by the Candidates Committee or they will be rejected at the polls!


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