Perry Christie will be challenged in Farm Road



<<< Perry Gladstone Christie.

Nassau, Bahamas — In our Sunday special today, Bahamas Press will turn our attention on the leader of the opposition, Perry Gladstone Christie. He is a man who never ceases to amaze us, but his pernicious greed to represent the people of FARM ROAD this time, sits in the balance and we are the first to tell you, Christie is found wanting.

The MP for Farm Road does not amuse BP. In fact you would remember it was us who sent Christie a wailing blow during his leadership bid at the Party’s Convention in 2009. We had hoped then, he would have been deposed as leader of the PLP and cast into the sunset of retirement as the first one term PM and fired leader of the PLP. Our words today to him will be blatantly unkind and deservingly so.

We all know the PLP tolerates SLACKNESS and loves indecision and weak leadership. We in the country are all shocked to see how the organization continues to fan the flames of WUTLESSNESS and procrastination. The 2012 election are fast approaching with less that 12 months to go and for almost a year now, Christie said he has been busy selecting candidates. One year has since passed since he first made that announcement and today only three are confirmed to run.

What irks us in this column today however, is Christie’s lack of interest, ‘VICKED’ neglect and naked abandonment to the people of FARM ROAD.

You would remember back in 2008 the Ingraham government introduced constituency allowances in the budget. The money was set aside to allow MPs to undertake for their constituents community projects. We have learned since the programme began the MP for Farm Road, Perry Gladstone Christie, has refused to apply for a single dime to assist the residents in his constituency.

Now let’s put Christie’s actions under the microscope. Farm Road can be classified as the most improvised community in the entire country. It is decayed with some of the most pressing social problems faced by mankind. It bleeds in poverty, hardship and despair. In Farm Road 1/3 of the residents still go outside the home to squat in nearby bushes or outside toilets to do numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. In Farm Road there are plenty, PLENTY substance abuse taking place. In Farm Road the weeds are so high some dry it out to light up a joint.

Young men and women are sitting on the blocks day and night without a job. There is garbage festering the area. Children running around the yard shut tail only with the PLP shirt on. Mommy unemployed, daddy unemployed, auntie and uncle aren’t working and siblings can’t afford a tertiary education.

When we look around Farm Road we see homes, which have not been painted since Alfred Maycock was the MP; God rest his soul. We see wooden homes still leaning to the east with some poor struggling senior citizen too weak to walk to the nearby hospital. We see home after home selling baggie and cup to put kerosene in the lamp cause BEC cut the light off two years ago. Farm Road needs CHANGE! Farm Road needs fresh new representation and it’s coming.

All across that community there is an air of hopelessness, the people depressed and everywhere you turn the talk is, where is Christie?

Bahamas Press cries SHAME on the MP who brags of leaving the people in this state for the last 30 years. This same MP of failure has failed to uplift the people of that community. We cry shame on his neglect in the area and you must remember now Christie was Prime Minister.

The woman who had outside toilet in 1977 when Christie was first elected to the House has yet to see CHANGE! She still goes outside to do number 1, 2, 3 and 4. Ingraham in the meantime, has Abaco looking like a city.

How could Christie turn his back on the poor? How could he not see the need to use that $200,000 earmarked to uplift the residents of that community and make them a better people. Could Christie not see that money could have fed the elderly who are waiting for help and hope? Could he not see that that same money assigned in the budget could have sent 10 students to College? Could he not see that same money could have hired if only for a few months some unemployed young person if only to clean up the community?

Bahamas Press shines the spotlight on the face of FAILURE now sitting at the helm of the PLP! The worse MP in the history of the COMMONWALTH OF THE BAHAMAS! Perry Christie has turned his back on the people he has represented all these years yet again!

These are the people who have caused him to enjoy the life that he has and to live on the Cable Beach strip with Police guards. The very ones that he has neglected.




  1. Bahamas Press May 11 at 12:08am
    Why didn’t he use it? NO ONE IS DENYING THAT HE DID INDEED USE IT THE MONEY and therefore we want to know from all you PLP apologists, WHY DID CHRISTIE NOT USE THE MONEY to help the constituents.

    Just like them poor women of the Straw Market where he passed that market day and night and his heart was hardened and he failed to construct a straw market. Christie fails to lead by example!

    Like straw vendors, Christie turned his back on his own constituents. HE HAS NO SHAME!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    Andrew J. Burrows May 11 at 6:19am Reply
    You will have to ask him that question BP. I mentioned it to question how that became some indictment on him as a leader when Ingraham himself falls into the same category as an MP who has yet to use the funds allocated. You know his number, you know where he lives. How about talking TO him instead of just ABOUT him. Real journalists would pick up the phone and put the question to the man. Are you real journalists?

    And don’t call me an apologist guys. You don’t see me apologizing for anyone. Now that label could belong to you BP you but thats another debate for another time. I addressed the connection that my brother Demarko made concerning leadership that came from BP’s article about not using constituency funds and some how, tying that to leadership.

    Mario Scott Bannister May 11 at 10:22am Reply
    If BP were the serious investigative journalists that they claim to be they would have investigated and reported on just how many of the Parliamentarians have made use of the allociation. While at it, they could also report on how many of the Parliamentarians have filed their annual disclosures. I , for one, would like to see how much Brent Symonette’s net worth has changed from 2007 to now since he benefits on all the road projects. BP, it would make a great journalistic piece. But, who am I to give you advice? I am no journalist, I am just an ordinary Bahamian contributing to the public debate!

    DeMarko Polo May 11 at 10:28am Reply
    Well Andrew not sure if yawl take the time to read the things ya post before or after you post them. But from what ive read everyone of yawl somehow mentioned papa and his downfalls. WE KNOW PAPA IS FULL OF IT. WE KNOW HE IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE BAHAMIANS HAVE MADE RECENTLY. The question was only about PC and what his reason was for not accepting the money for farm road.
    Ya see Andrew as an MP he has a duty to carry out for his constituents first. If they fail to represent, and look out for their constituents then one has to question their focus. One has to speculate if they would do the same thing to the entire country if given the chance. Thats in no way to say that he has or will neglect his duties. ITS JUST A QUESTION TO REMOVE ANY DOUBTS THAT MAY EXIST.

    Andrew Apologist – a person who makes a defense in speech or writing of a person, belief, idea, etc.

    DeMarko Polo May 11 at 10:34am Reply
    Mario you missing the point. Regardless as to who else didn’t apply for the money for their constituents ONLY ONE OF THEM IS THE LEADER OF THE PARTY WHO SHOULD LEAD BY EXAMPLE. SOMETHING WE ARE NOT SEEING IN THIS COUNTRY. WELL I’M NOT SEEING IT. AND IM QUITE SURE IM NOT ALONE.

    La Tore’ Mackey May 11 at 10:36am Reply
    I have observed much of the intelligence expressed in these communication, The Movement of “Young Nationalist” is having a Mobilization at College of the Bahamas on the 22nd of May, If any of you would like to assist in presentations and encouraging our youth to be participatory in our electoral and political process, so not to be ignored or interest not included in executive decisions.

    If you are interested in taking part in this historic event, please send me a message and indicate your area of interest in participation.

    You can also become a fan of the “Young Nationalist” and involve yourselves in dialogue with our nation’s youth, let us secure this nation and help prepare our youth in taking their rightful place in society.

    Thanking you for your favorable response!

    La Tore’

    Mario Scott Bannister May 11 at 11:39am Reply
    DeMarko, the Prime Minister of the country, I am just advised, has also not used his constituency allowance. Talk that!

    DeMarko Polo May 11 at 12:26pm Reply
    Mario come on man. You ain serious. Anyway since i cant be civil in how i say things around here let me clear the air. FUCK HUBERT INGRAHAM. FUCK HIM TO HELL.
    Now i was tryin to be calm and decent about this but as ive seen that never works with bahamians.

    Bahamas Press May 11 at 12:46pm
    It is obvious the PLP webmaster [ANDREW BURROWS] is void of understanding the word apologist. An APOLOGIST Is a person who offers an argument in defense of something or someone controversial. This means that person you are in defense of that person with all kind of distractions.

    We are not concerned about any debate about who is an apologist. We simply want to know why did he let the money go back to the Treasury?

    Why did he send the money back? What is Christie’s explanation? Does he not care?

    Is he that LAZY and WUTLESS that he don’t know how to apply for it? ANSWER US ALL YOU APOLOGIST?

    We report you decide!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    DeMarko Polo May 11 at 12:58pm Reply
    BP They can’t give us an answer for that. They say we must go ask PC ourselves.
    I don’t know why they didn’t just say that from the break. Instead they spinin and tryin to shift the focus elsewhere as tho we don’t already know papa full of shit. people only get so defensive when they tryin to cover up wrong doings. luckily for them all of us on the same team cause if not they woulda aroused all type of suspicion. WHICH THEY DID ANYWAY.

    Bahamas Press May 11 at 1:02pm
    Mario BP is interested about the people of FARM ROAD. This is about leadership. We are concerned about Christie’s message of help and hope nothing less. If we would chase all the ghost people bring to us we would be in the graveyard.

    We are concerned about no other investigation other than the $200,000 earmarked for the people of Farm Road who need it badly/. This is about Leader and help and hope.

  2. We all should remember that Perry Christie had five years only as head of government. Ingraham has had 13 years now out of the last 18 years of government and what has Abaco gotten from him who has represented that constituency for more that 30 consecutive years? Nothing at all. As Mario said Mr Christie started the Urban Renewal which was design specifically to lift the inner cities out of the doldrums…at least.

  3. Am laughing at this story as I know from facts that persons pretend to support hawkish and pitbull leadership that is expoused by PAPA.The man is a despot who in spite of severe criticism continues to ignore the traffic jam being caused by the ill advised implementation of one way on certain portions of Blue Hill Rd and Market Streets.I want to use language to describe PAPAs style but will keep my cool.How can any intelligent and wise Bahamain try to push PAPA the intransigent one over Christie the man of second chances?The universal Our Father prayer says,forgive us our trespassers as we forgive those who trespass against us.Papa is forgiven for all the stuff he has done but we still want CHRISTIE.

  4. Ashley Percentie May 9 at 6:09pm Reply
    so Demarko you,re suggesting that the reason why the PLP lost the last election is due to in your words. perry christie was and is a weak leader? you realize PC won eight to one at the last convention? over 80% of the voting deligates brother. that in itself has to mean something. questioning his characteristics and leadership some may do for real but who else would you suggest could be a good candidate for leader?

    DeMarko Polo May 9 at 6:43pm Reply
    Well Ashley. I really feel alot of people out of respect for PC decided to support his decision to remain the leader. Now you do realize that if 100% of the delegates voted for PC, That doesn’t ensure the party will win the next general election. Ashley why is it that in 2002 the PLP won in grand style? I will give you my opinion. I think it was because they saw PC as the BETTER CHOICE, as suppose to tommy t. While i do agree with that, I also agree that PC would be the better choice vs papa. HOWEVER, the majority of bahamians didn’t think so. For the sake of this country we have to now sit back and keep our fingers crossed and HOPE papa doesnt decide to stay on as leader because then the people will be faced with the same decision as last time. Unfortunately fact is bahamians by the masses still vote party as suppose to candidate.

    In my opinion I think Fred Mitchell is an eloquent no nonsense stern man with the most leadership qualities in the PLP.

    Andrew J. Burrows May 9 at 7:50pm Reply
    Demarko, think about it this way, if it weren’t for PGC, the PLP would have lostnby more in 2007. People dismiss the fact that despite the trouble created by a few MPs, it came down to three seats, of which more than five were lost by less than 100 votes.

    If perry was the problem, that final number would not have reflected that. If we want to be hints, the problem that PGC had going into elections and to an extent now is that the people who are supposed to have his back were going for themselves. Even now, there are people in his circle who perpetuate the myth that his “leadership” is lacking but nobody bothers to define leadership in any way that proves him “weak”. His style may not be to everyones liking but that doesn’t make him weak.

    Again, to really get to what makes Christie weak, you have to look at his followers. Us. A leader is only as strong as his followers but what are we always doing? Nobody spreads that weak leader shit better than us. How many times have we done shit to make him look bad? Keod. Kenyatta. Malcolm. They are the obvious examples but what about those of us who spread council secrets in the media, or pay BP to talk shit or undermine his leadership in other ways? A lot of us do it then we say Perry is weak.

    Yes he is weak but he his weak because we are weak. We make him weak the same way we love to take credit for making him strong.

    Weak followers = weak leaders. It’s that simple.

    Andrew J. Burrows May 9 at 7:59pm Reply
    I do not think Fred has the most leadership ability in the plp. For one, leadership inspires. I have travelled with all of these people all over this country and no disrespect to any of them but not a one of them have brought people to their feet the way Christie does. I’ve seen men and women shed tears in the presence of this man. I don’t trio out over people but there is something special about this one that the others Simply just don’t have. Labour day is a month away. See what the reaction is to Fred and everyone else and compare that to Christie. Not even in graham gets the responses Christie gets. Fact, not opinion, and that counts for something.

    Ashley Percentie May 9 at 8:00pm Reply
    well to answer the question about why the plp won in 2002. the people simply was fed up at that time with huberts government like now. the plp has many potential leaders now including Mr Fred mitchell. i see Pc as a great leader still with the addition of a better supporting cast in brave and the other elected members from the last convention.i can surely agree the party fell down in certain areas while they were in government. but looks whats happening now with the current administration and its members. there was a time when some said we the plp was split but the fnm has its problems also. hence this is what causes supporters to switchup. It affects us all. Our current leader PC has to deal with a more younger generation within the party come 2012. many seats are up for grabs. we have more choices in candidates than ever i think. the party leaders now have to work with the repected branches and party supporters to go farward. This my friend will need some serious leadership from the PARTY. perry is leader and we would have to accept him until he decides to step aside. i like the way how things went with that bi election, TOGETERNESS. PROPER PLANNING. perry has learnt from that defeat in 2007. it goes to show that we need to be in touch with the people at all times. cant get to relaxed.

    DeMarko Polo May 9 at 8:09pm Reply
    Well Andrew I didn’t mean to hit a nerve with you. I mean i am just calling it like i see it. In spite of the numbers you threw around lets not run away from the fact that since 2002 the PLP has losts hundreds of votes. We can not blame the loss of those votes on the MP’s that have been caught up in controversy because Shane won his seat, Kenyatta won his seat, Malcolm Adderly won his seat. So by no fault or wrong doings by them did the PLP lose the last general election.

    So Andrew what would you say the reason behind the PLP losing the last election be? Because i’m not here to pass blame per say. i am just concerned that the PLP don’t enter the 2012 elections the same way they entered into it the last time and lose again. I don’t know about you guys but im not prepared to place my future in the hands of chance.

    Ashley Percentie May 9 at 8:09pm Reply
    i honestly can say i think perry is OK as leader. Now just because he dont have that killer streek mentality within does,nt make him appear to be a weak leader. Burrows hit the nail on the head! there is trouble on all ships in my view. but as adults we need to just find a better way to work things.

    Andrew J. Burrows May 9 at 8:10pm Reply
    Great example Ashley. Nobody is talking about the leadership Christie displayed in running the bi election campaign. It was pure leadership at work.

    Andrew J. Burrows May 9 at 8:11pm Reply
    But if we had lost…it would have been “Perry gotta go”

    Ashley Percentie May 9 at 8:15pm Reply
    so are you suggesting that if we enter the next general election with Perry Christie as our leader we may lose?

    DeMarko Polo May 9 at 8:22pm Reply
    Andrew Ryan barely won elizabeth. BARELY! So i mean while any victory is one to celebrate that campaign is not one we should sit back and consider perfect. In fact that bye election should have said to all of us that we have a major battle on our hands. There are still far to many people voting against the PLP and lets also not forget the large percentage who didnt even care to vote. Elizabeth is a real mirror reflection of the entire country. As we saw in 2007 the fnm BARELY won the general election. The country is scarily split down the middle. Now i don’t know why we would lie to ourselves on the reasoning behind this. But if we arent careful we could face a very serious situation come 2012.

    While i would like to think that the masses are just as eager as i am to vote papa out and run his ass outta town. I am still not satisfied that the PLP will have the amount of support that we think. So there is still the need to HONESTLY fix some problems that persist or chance defeat in 2012.

    Ashley Percentie May 9 at 8:24pm Reply
    people like jerome, bernard nottage, the list goes on and on. i did,nt even mention Brave Davis. all of whom are good potential leaders. TEAMWORK indeed was the key in victory in lizzy. we have to practice that now in 2012

    DeMarko Polo May 9 at 8:30pm Reply
    Well Ashley we lost the last time. While i am not the one criticizing PC and calling him a bad leader. I am saying that the masses certainly feel that he is. So this is not about me and my opinion, nor you and your opinion but the opinion of the masses. Keep that in mind. Its not me that needs the convincing. Its the hundreds of persons who called and considered PC a weak spineless leader. The persons who eagerly voted for papa who they dont think can do any wrong in spite of the wrong he is doing now, how many people do we see and hear of ready to vote him out. Look at elizabeth recently. Them votes WERE NOT for duane sands but instead for the fnm.

    George Knowles May 9 at 8:30pm Reply
    This is an interesting discussion. I am amazed that a man who has given so many a second chance is himself being denied that same second chance. Was it not Shapeskeare that said sharper than a two edge sword is an ungrateful child. Some people ranted and raved against Mr. Pindlng too when we lost in 1997. It is indeed a great tragedy that all the good you do is forgotten when the wind does not blow favourable in your direction.

    Has anyone ever thought about the possibili8ty that God allowed us to lose in 2007 to show us what a good thing we had and what a wutless thing we got and will get in the FNM buying the general election. That the FNM’s history is one of selfishness and to hell wit the people? Has anyone compared the two styles of leadership displayed by Mr. Christie and Mr. Ingraham. Because Mr. Christie is a Christian and a compassionate man does not mean that he is weak. Do not take kindness and compassion as a sign of weakiness.

    And speaking about the general election. How many of us really support our party financially? Do you know that the FNM supporters give generously to their party. That in the 2007 general election Hubert had more than $23 million to play with? People were being paid $35 a day just to wear a red t-shirt and $50 a day to drive a car or bus behind a PLP MP to see which area he was campaigning in.

    Some of our people are4 too fickle. Talking about Elizabeth do you iknow that some of our peoploe were bought out for a few bucks. I shape my destiny. I do not let circumstances shape my destiny.

    Ashley Percentie May 9 at 8:36pm Reply
    exactly Mr knowles some did get bought indeed. i,m not that lucky for an FNM gerneral or MP to approach me to buy me out! they must know better to even think of it!

    Fred Moss May 9 at 8:37pm Reply
    Andrew , the time to put ths weak leadership question to bed has long since pasted . The question is not now, nor was ever about Christie’s leadership ability , only a fool would think or say that it was. Getting to the point, the strategy being used against the P.L.P. , by those that claim that they are P.L.P.’s on behalf of the F.N.M. is as old as sin itself. Simply , cut ‘ off ‘ the head and the body will die. Put another way , make Perry Christie ” Appear ” to be weak to the electorate, it’s natural that they would look else-where for stronger leadership. e.g. In Sir Lynden’s case , they sold him as being correct , tarnished . In Tommy Turnquest case , weak and ineffective , hence, the landslide victory for the P.L.P. in 2007. Those that seek to ‘ over-throw ‘ Christie promote this bullshit. Whom-ever they are , and I can name one or two , are nothing more than ‘ fools ‘ , to be more pointed , treacherous , disloyal bastards . By their actions they betray this party and that which it stands for .

    DeMarko Polo May 9 at 8:40pm Reply
    George I agree with you 100%. But we have to be honest with ourselves. We know that the masses of bahamians are still gonna go with the flow, follow the crowd, and chase the hype. I mean PC has an easy win if people looked at the facts. Considered things for more than the tee shirt and hoopla of the election and campaigns. But unfortunately bahamians dont operate that way. There is still the feeling that PC is weak. Therefore he has to put his fist down and prove his strength or step aside. If not he can very well jeopardize the party’s victory in 2012.

    George Knowles May 9 at 8:46pm Reply
    Folks it is lonely at the top. When the3 good stuff happens every praises the leader. When the proverbial hits the fan everyone abandons the leader and calls him everything under the sun except a child of God. that is what happened in 2007 with Mr. Christie. Whyile the foreign investors were falling over themselves to get her he was the greatest thing the Bahamas had since Columbus discovered us. When we lost the election,l even the people who were in charge of co-ordinating the election process were allo up in the press cussing out and downing Mr. Christie. Some of us have bought into this weak oleadership fallacy put out by the FNM. We need to kinow our enemy.

    To those of you who keep brining up Elizabeth. I was on the ground in Elizabeth and the reality is not what you think it is. People were simply bought. Even some of our strong supporters were bought out with a plane ticket to Miami and shopping money the night before the election. Young men who wanted to campaign with us showed up on election day in a red t-shirt. They are now out of a job and still waling the streets — the $400 has long been spent but Duane Sands is still raking in the thousands.l

    DeMarko Polo May 9 at 8:48pm Reply
    Well George as far as fund raising, i think its pretty safe to say that the fnm will probable ALWAYS have better funding thanks to brent symonette and the bay st boys. Hence this recent move to find favor amongst said people by putting staffords face back on the money. While the PLP operates off integrity and the honest concern and care for the people the will ALWAYS go with the hype. papa is very strategic in his dealings. Will we sit on our integrity and chance another loss while papa bribes, and rigs ANOTHER election? PC is gonna have to take major steps in affirming himself as the strong leadership we deserve. thats all im sayin.

    Fred Moss May 9 at 8:51pm Reply
    Andrew , the time to put ths weak leadership question to bed has long since pasted . The question is not now, nor was ever about Christie’s leadership ability , only a fool would think or say that it was. Getting to the point, the strategy being used against the P.L.P. , by those that claim that they are P.L.P.’s on behalf of the F.N.M. is as old as sin itself. Simply , cut ‘ off ‘ the head and the body will die. Put another way , make Perry Christie ” Appear ” to be weak to the electorate, it’s natural that they would look else-where for stronger leadership. e.g. In Sir Lynden’s case , they sold him as being corrupt , tarnished . In Tommy Turnquest case , weak and ineffective , hence, the landslide victory for the P.L.P. in 2007. Those that seek to ‘ over-throw ‘ Christie promote this bullshit. Whom-ever they are , and I can name one or two , are nothing more than ‘ fools ‘ , to be more pointed , treacherous , disloyal bastards . By their actions they betray this party and that which it stands for .

    George Knowles May 9 at 8:52pm Reply
    Folks just check out the mess happening under the FNM. Do you hear any FNMs saying that Hubert and his crew has to go. Crime is at an all time high, and hit 17% in the first three months of 2010. No FNM has called Tommy ineffective. School children are being raped and molested all over the place. No FNM is saying that Desmond is ineffective and should go. Brent is conflicted up and down but “papa” shields him like the blue eyed baby that he is. Zhivargo has failed the ethical test by “penning instructions” to defraud the Public Treasury and coupled with papa have run this country into the ground. Do you hear any voices cawithin the FNM calling for his resignation? Neko has messed up at Ministry of Wrks and every ministry he has been in. You can define incompetence by him but yet no FNM says he must go. And Kenneth Russell who does not seem to get one house built out of the 3,000 he promised to build but no resignation there. Get with it folks. Support your party and your Leader and stop from letting outsides define who we are

    DeMarko Polo May 9 at 9:06pm Reply
    George dont forget earl the pearl who has blood on his hands in the container port mishap. But like you say with all these things we still dont hear people turning against them. Wanna know why i think that is? because theyve seen it all before, and they are now more accepting of it and still hell bent on their stance that PC is not in their best interest. I am willing to bet that this will be the first time we see Independant candidates and third party candidates win alot of votes. While they may not amount to enough to win the seat they will definately take votes away from the two major parties as we recently saw in elizabeth. so i don’t suggest we sit back on chance. Both the PLP and fnm are losing votes, and unlike the fnm that already has the majority of votes we cannot afford to lose votes. change is necessary at this point to gain votes for the party and i’m not seeing it.

    Fred Moss May 9 at 9:07pm Reply
    If we are to win the 2012 elections , and it’s ours to lose, as soon as possible , our P/R team ‘ must ‘ do the following with-out letup . 1, concentrate on promoting Perry Christie’s strong leadership traits. e.g. 1,his honesty ,2, his ability to get the job done ,3, his pro-democratic position ,4, his ‘ willingness ‘ to let others manage without fear of losing control ,5, his ability to motivate others ,6, his ‘ team’ leadership ability 7, That he is a proactive leader. 8, his heart for others.

    Mario Scott Bannister May 9 at 9:56pm Reply
    Delgardo, what is there about Christie’s leadership you define as weak? Just because he does not insult or embarrass his collegues? Just because he speaks to the press from the standpoint of sharing knowledge or information? Just because he has a philosophy of second chance?

    Consider how Branville McCartney defined his stay in the Cabinet. Mr Ingraham is mean spirited, spiteful and petty! And he is that way in talking with the press or whomever. I have even heard potential investors speak of Mr Ingraham as being ‘coarse’. Is that how we want the Bahamas represented?

    Late again? Well, the FNM has had two years and there is no defined immigration policy, NO SOLUTION TO CRIME POLICY, many outstanding union matters, and the list goes on. Who is late? Hubert and the FNM.

    George Knowles May 9 at 10:32pm Reply
    DeMarko you have an intereswting perspective but I do not know how factual that perception is. You ieep referring to the masses but on the ground the people are saying differently. The people who did not vote in Elizabeth had no intentions of voting and was waiting for a handout. As soon as they got it they split the scene. The bye-election is one week away and you are saying that you have not yet decided because you are waiting to hear the issues; you want to personally talk to the candidate. Bull crap. One man cannotr speak individually to 4,000 plus people. People want to see the dandidate personally because they want to know what is the candidate going to do for them financially right now.

    Fred I agree with you that tht is the angle we should take. The FNM portrayed Mr. Christie as weak and the national PR team did absolutely nothing to counteract what they were saying. We simply had a bogus PR team last time around. Some of these bozos are still hanging around the party looking for contracts and when they do not get them they write all sorts of desparaging comments on their blog sites.

    Again I say let us stop from letting the FNM define who we are.

    George Knowles May 9 at 10:39pm Reply
    DeMarko I would not limit my capacity in the manner you are suggesting, and to think like that Obama would not have stood a chance against the Republicans when it came to fund raising. Why is it that PLPs refuse to commit to supporting their party with small contributions on a weekly or monthly basis and in a consistent manner? Just imagine if 80,000 PLPs would give $1 a week for the nest wo years we couold raise over $8 million. We spend more than that on newspapers per week all of whom support the FNM

    George Knowles May 9 at 10:41pm Reply
    Fred I want to change your opening sentence. It is not “if we win” but WHEN WE WIN in 2012.

  5. you know, much of the physical decay in the inner cities and areas like Farm Road is a result of neglect and lack of pride by the residents of those areas.

    we must reach that place where we stop looking to politicians for everything man.
    certainly the State has it’s role to play but the residents must take more pride in their areas.

    Now, the parliamentry representatives can to somethings to assist by organising clean up campaigns and when community meetings are held, try to get the residents to buy into the idea of community pride.

    this argument about PLP versus FNM is silly, and both Perry and Hubert are coming out smelling like roses for doing nothing because we are sweating the small stuff.

    we as the electorate continue to be used by these politicians because we get caught up in the election fever and the foolish bickering between the leaders of the party and all we get out the deal is a T-shirt, a pom-pom and if we are really lacking we get in the illegal act of being paid for our votes.

    then election is over and when the man who paid for the T-shirts we wore and the pom-poms we waved come calling and putting forth his investment plans, and cutting his deals we begin to cry foul.

    lets raise the level of debate in this country and demand more from these guys.

    sure we have our questions, those we talk about while hanging on the blocks.

    ask them questions like, what is their position on the illegal immigration problem and what are they prepared to do if elected.

    ask them what is their position on privatisation, the ever increasing national debt, our current system of government, constitutional reform, election reform…….

    let us as a people lead the way and look to both parties and any other party that may be on the horizon and say enough is enough.

    enough of politicians just doing enough to be re-elected.

    the choice is ours, become no-nonsense and stand up to politicians, regardless of their political stripe or lets just be satisfied with having a good time during the campaign, while complaining for five years.

    the answer is in our hearts, for what its worth.

  6. Christie Ash12 allowed $200,000 to be returned back to the treasure, while mama have no jack mackerel in Windsor land. Cousin Effie in Mason’s Addition has no light. Christie has no excuse and when challenged by Ingraham he offered none.

    We hang our head in SHAME FOR HIM because he has no shame.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  7. but of course ISLAND BOY. could you recall MR.JOHNSON ever visiting Harbour Island! LETS SAY IN THE LAST TWENTY YEARS ISLAND BOY? shame with a capital SSSS indeed.BP try visiting other areas throughout the bahamas other than the farm road constituency. you may be suprised to know that these areas are FNM constituencies! can it be shame on the FNM? call a spade a spade brother. try visiting briland and bring MR DEXTER JOHNSON HOME

  8. BP, it is truly amazing to see how people only read what they want to see. I would like to know when Christie last drove through his area?. When was the last time he held a branch meeting?. Has he seen the filth and decay?. Does he not have influemce with Hubert to have the Dept of Environmental Health remove the derelict vehicles and clean up the filth?. Could not the money that he did not use helped with cleaning up the filth?. Could he have not paid people in the community with that money to help clean up the yards of indigent persons?. BP, as for the Urban Renewal, it was populated by Homos who were looking to pry on little children. The one on Balliou Hill Road near to St. Agnes, was a den of vipers. Christie has no excuse and is just Wutless. Papa knows him better than all of us and I agree with Papa. He has no shame. He should be hog tied and whipped for his failures.

  9. It is amazing truly amazing to see how people will fan failure. Boy I tall ya.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  10. Ash12, you read that S— that Dr. Dexter Johnson posted you think he for real?, it’s a good thing it’s only Mothers Day, bcause if it was FATHERS DAY I’ll just let him have it.

  11. Boy Dr., when you live in Glass House You Don’t, Cleane the next man Glass Windows and leave yours uncleane, hope Christie did’nt leave his FATHER OUT IN THE COLD, like some of has.

  12. i agree 100% with Mr Bannister. on the other hand Mr Dexter Johnson. would please take it under consideration that the country just some three to four years ago! was indeed moving in a better direction compared to now today. back then in south Andros when Sir Ping was the M.P there. obviously the cost of living was much less than today. even so. the people are in a much better position TODAY than yester year. there are many businesses owned by the people there.Small hotels,Fishing lodges,Apartments, more dwelving homes also. you want to talk about loyalty to an MP or government. look at North Eleuthera! Briland! look how we contribute to the treasury, our roads are in shambles, our water is rusty STILL. i wont mention our docks on briland and on the three islands. through all of it the people in south Andros are making the best out of the little they got. if you mentioned Pings name there! you would here mostly good remarks. unlike here in north eleuthera about hubert or are current MP

  13. That is why Perry Christie put in place the Urban Renewal Program which assisted with the social decay in our inner city. Why put all the blame on Mr Christie. There is a government in place to look after the safety and upliftment of the people. However, the mean spirited, spiteful and petty Hubert Ingraham will continue to deny the people of Farm Road. And, do you recall what Loretta Butler-Turner said in Parliament about the plight of the poor. BP, it is not fair to blame Mr Christie for everything wrong in the Farm Road constituency.

  14. I remember the first time I went to Kemp’s Bay…I could not believe that a constituency that faithfully supported Lynden Pindling as its representative could be in so shabby a state…it was as if nothing had been done to bring it out of the stone age…it was a crying shame. Christie is simply doing what his mentor did!

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