Personal Assistant in the OPM approves sanitization service to her relative’s company…

PM Hubert Minnis must question how did a personal assistant inside his office approved sanitization services for her relative.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning a personal assistant inside the Office of the Prime Minister has approved her relative’s sanitization services and they are now performing these sanitization services for the government buildings.

The personal assistant’s relative was recently awarded a gang of contracts to clean government buildings for which we understand prices have increased. But here’s the kicker: the company hired to do sanitization has no certification to do so and it is unknown if they are even using the right and proper equipment.

Readers should be interested as to the check and balances in the awarding of these sanitization companies and we at BP question the actions of the Personal Assistant who has fast-tracked contracts to her own family. Boy, yinner corrupt!

We report yinner decide!